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Lots and lots of images

A friend of mine was on holiday over in London these past few weeks and wondered into a store quite by accident and happened to stumble across a few nice little photos that he brought back for me.... Thought you might like a look at them!

  • hottyzwazwe e-mailed me some great stills of General Kala. Note: all the thumbnails in the galleries can be enlarged by clicking on them.

  • Shannon e-mailed me photos of herself in a fantastic Dale Arden costume! Check them out here and here
  • Somewherein72 e-mailed me a photo he made using some Flash Gordon images for a Fark.com contest.
  • Sam Schmucker sent me many great photos of his Flash Gordon collection! Here are photos from his promo album, the complete Weetabix album and photos of Sam's Flash Gordon collection. He also sent me a cool promo picture of Flash in his Jets jersey and a photo of himself wearing a cool Flash Gordon bicycle jersey that's available from several retailers on the Internet. Note: all the thumbnails in the galleries can be enlarged by clicking on them.
  • Bishop sent me some great images from the international 25th Anniversary DVD! Bishop writes, "Some of the pics look like costume tests, production stills, and on set pics."
  • Colin Harvey sent me a picture of dressed as Flash for a New Year's Eve party. It's great. tshirt.jpg
  • Todd Killinger sent me a picture of himself with Sam Jones at the 2004 San Diego Comic Con. Sweet! toddnsam.jpg

  • RedFlare22 sent this still of Flash in Ming's dungeon. dungeon.jpg

  • Tim Lindsey sent this copy of a newspaper ad for the sneak preview of Flash Gordon! It's quite a treasure. Too bad it had to be in black and white. ad.jpg

  • Steve Russo sent this picture of his Flash Gordon movie program. It's pretty sweet. program.jpg

  • Ivan R. Jurado sent this picture of Ornella Muti as Princess Aura. aurablast.jpg

  • A widescreen vidcap of Ming and Flash mingflash.jpgThanks to Kevin Crawford

  • A widescreen vidcap of Ming ming.jpgThanks to Kevin Crawford

  • Masaya Tanaka has several vidcaps of Sam Jones from Flash Gordon on his site. Visit Sam Jones' Gallery

  • A vidcap of Aura aura.jpgThanks to Juan Carlos Gimeno

  • One of Kala's power men dude.jpgThanks to Michael Cox

  • An alien girl girl1.jpgThanks to Michael Cox

  • Another alien girl girl2.jpgThanks to Michael Cox

  • Even another alien girl girl3.jpgThanks to Michael Cox

  • A Lizard Man and the Globe lizard.jpgThanks to Michael Cox

  • Ming's head from the throne room minghead.jpgThanks to Michael Cox

  • Flash and Barin flash.jpgThanks to Michael Cox

  • Flash in the cage flash3.jpgThanks to Michael Cox