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Is it Sam Jones' voice we hear in Flash Gordon?

Update: Looks like we can put the rumors to rest. Longtime Flash Gordon fan Bishop, who is a super help to me on this site, sent me the following e-mail:

I was listening to the commentary track with Sam Jones and Melody Anderson today and there is a bit where Sam mentions how he was contracted for six or seven sequels but there was a falling out and Sam didn't come back for looping sessions. Because of that the director hired someone else to do, as Sam says "The majority of my lines." I've included a copy of the segment on an mp3 for verification. 

The original mystery 

The thought of whose voice is who's never crossed my mind until Warren Gibbs very graciously e-mailed me 14 sound clips from the DVD and a much older "unofficial" VHS version. Listen to them and see if you agree with me that Jones sounds a bit different in the older clips. Unfortunately, I don't have any explanation for the difference except the following link, which Warren Gibbs also supplied, which addresses the issue, though inconclusively.

The first clip in each of the following seven examples is from the DVD, the second is from the "bootleg" version. Thanks for taking the time to make these, Warren!

DVD-Wakeup.mp3 Bootleg-Wakeup.mp3

DVD-Cmon.wav Bootleg-Cmon.wav 

DVD-Hydraulics.mp3 Bootleg-Hydraulics.mp3 

DVD-Lunatic.mp3 Bootleg-Lunatic.mp3 

DVD-Flash.wav Bootleg-Flash.wav 

DVD-Backup.wav Bootleg-Backup.wav 

This last clip isn't Sam Jones, but instead is Ornella Muti and Max Von Sydow. I think these clips show an alternate dub by the same actors, while the previous six Sam Jones clips suggest a different voice actor. Again, the DVD clip is first.

DVD-Barin.mp3  Bootleg-Barin.mp3