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Alert Web surfer Rob Tillisch found a site that sells a replica of the infamous Flash Gordon T-Shirt, as worn by Sam Jones in the movie. Here's the link to American Ringer. Here's another site that sells a similar shirt.

Is it Sam Jones voice we hear in Flash Gordon? Find out the truth at the Dubbing mystery page.

Phunknsoul sent me an mp3 of a techno remix he did called FlashDanceGordon. It's about a million times better than the remix on the official soundtrack!

Gustavo Alberto created this Vultan's Theme midi file, vultan.mid.

Chris Rada sent me Flash's Theme in flash.mid.


NOTE: You can find out about the Flash Gordon actors at The Internet Movie Database. I don't have the resources or the time to digitize movie clips. Perhaps other sites on the web could provide this information.

I'm sorry, but I don't have any information on any Flash Gordon material that isn't related to the 1980 movie. There are other places on the Web that have info on older FG stuff. Try searching from Google.

Last updated 9/26/09

Recent updates 

9/26/09 Lance Vaughan writes a great essay about Flash Gordon at Kindertrauma. And Alucard sent me an image of the UK Quad poster, which we both agree is the best of all the posters. It's on The Pictures page.

7/4/09 Alucard e-mailed me an image of the Japanese movie poster. It's on The Pictures page.

6/11/09 Bishop sent me this awesome e-mail:

Some of my friends in London have made another find. This time they got their hands on a first draft script of "Flash Gordon." Quite an interesting read, they reconstructed some of it as it was unreadable in spots, but none the less proves to be a nice little addition to the FG world. Hope you enjoy!

Also, Alucard e-mailed me two cool images. They are on The Pictures page. 

3/19/09 Longtime Flash Gordon fan Bishop e-mailed me some great publicity photos from the movie. They're on The Pictures page. 

1/15/09 David Baber-Taylor wrote me a very interesting e-mail:

I found your site and thought you may find this very interesting. My grandfather was Maurice Gillett who was lighting gaffer for FLASH. I was lucky enough to go to the UK premier and saw all the stars, I still have the original premier tickets and brochure pack. Maurice wrote a book and had a large collection of stills he took and these are now on display in London in the new Movie museum. They are now producing a set of stills from FLASH from his collection.

That's pretty cool! What a great story.

12/30/08 Mike sent me a link to a great video he made on Flash Gordon. I'll let him explain it:

Just posted the first episode of an online series I will be doing called "Guilty Pleasure Movies of the 80's."  I'm a retro junkie and love many of the films that came out in that decade. Since I never get asked to be part of "I love the 80's" I decided to do my own show.

FLASH GORDON, one of my all-time favorites, is the first movie discussed.

12/21/08 hottyzwazwe sent me some stills of General Kala. They're on The Pictures page.

12/13/08 I'm sorry that I've been a slacker on the site. I've got a bunch of updates to post.

Update 1: Liz Martin with Big Kev's Geek Stuff wrote me over a year ago (sorry!) that Sam Jones and Melody Anderson have recorded a commentary track for the Flash Gordon DVD! More info is on the Flash Gordon stuff page.

Update 2: Shannon e-mailed me some pictures of herself in a great Dale Arden costume! They're on The Pictures page. 

Update 3: Longtime Flash Gordon fan Bishop -- whose tips seem to provide the bulk of content on this site -- has solved the Flash Gordon Dubbing Mystery!

3/17/08 About a year ago, longtime Flash Gordon fan Bishop e-mailed me some great pictures of the new Flash figures and pictures from the new Flash DVD. Check them out on The Pictures page.

2/5/08 Longtime Flash Gordon fan Sam Schmucker e-mailed me that Sam J. Jones, who played Flash in the movie, has unveiled his official Web site at www.samjjones.com.

2/5/08 Jason Lenzi with Bif Bang Pow! e-mailed me about the cool Flash Gordon action figures his company makes. More info is on the How to Buy It page.

11/15/07 Josh K sent me a picture of his Flash Gordon movie poster. It's on The Pictures page. 

11/1/07 TS sent me a link to his page on Flash Gordon. It has information and screenshots of cast members, including shots of them from other films.

10/15/07 Here's a link to a review of the new DVD set. 

9/10/07 I tweaked the Dubbing Mystery page to no longer use the Quicktime plugin. Instead, each mp3 clip is just a link. This should play less havoc with Web browsers.

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