Lebo Farewell Picnic and Moth Night

posted Jun 11, 2019, 8:42 AM by Mike Slater

 A Fond Farewell!

Join BOC and Mengel NHS

in honoring

Harold and Ken Lebo

Saturday June 22, 6:00pm

Nolde Forest EE Center

Special Event - Ken’s Moth photo show 7:30pm


In recognition of their innumerable contributions to Berks County natural history


Harold and Ken are leaving Berks for California and Ohio respectively.  Harold will already have made the move by this time. The clubs have decided on a potluck supper and sharing of members’ stories preceding the annual Moth Night.


Event Information:

Ø Dinner is potluck – please bring appetizer, main course, dessert or beverage (no alcohol!) to serve 6-8; contact Mike Slater to sign up and get suggestions 610-775-3757 or paplantings@gmail.com

Ø Please plan to share your memories and photos of birding, traveling, butterflying, botanizing, etc. with Ken and Harold at the event for all to appreciate. 

Ø If you prefer, send your stories to Mike at email address above.  Do this ASAP as Jack Holcomb will be recognizing the Lebos on Jack’s Backyard.

Ø Certificates of Service will be presented.  As this represents many years and many projects the clubs are requesting all members to provide their recollections of contributions over the years – please forward those accounts to Mike as well.