Flank Tactical

What is Flank Tactical?

Flank Tactical is an Arma II and DayZ mod clan that allows gamers of all kinds who have purchased Arma II or installed the DayZ mod to take up certain clan wars and matches against other clans and groups out in the Arma II gaming community.

Flank Tactical does not only revolve around ArmA II, it follows through a variety of games that we are all ready to play after the game suggestions are made. These games can be from Minecraft to Battlefield 3! So don't miss out on any epic games. You also don't have to own Arma II to be able to join Flank Tactical, it is ONLY if you want to be part of the Arma II Events that take place.

How can I join Flank Tactical? 

Flank Tactical offers their applications to any applicants who meet the requirements necessary that are stated below.
These requirements will all be needed and you will be brought to the applications section where the applicant will have to fill in their name, Email etc.

What are the Flank Tactical requirements?

The Flank Tactical requirements for ArmaII/DayZ are as follows:

- A working microphone.
- Skype/Teamspeak 3
- Arma 2 Combined operations.
- DayZ mod installed to Arma II Combined operations.
- High end computer that can run Arma II well enough to play.
- Mature behaviour.

The Flank Tactical requirements just for the community are as follows:

- A working microphone.
- Skype/Teamspeak 3
- Steam
- Steam games.
- Mature behaviour. 

The requirements below are requirements that might help you to get accepted.

- A Youtube channel.
- Uploading regularly.
- FRAPS. (Or any other recording software.)

All of the requirements will be needed and there will be no exceptions for anyone who do not have any of the requirements above. (Excluding the final Three)


Flank Tactical videos.

This was one of the many games we had quite a long time ago playing Battlefield 3.
I would rent my own server, find a few people who wanted to play with us and we had a bit of light Roleplaying taking place.
It was allot of fun, though there was not enough people. This is where the idea for Flank Tactical came along, where we could announce up coming events so that everyone that is part of the Flank Tactical saga will be notified for the next games we will be hosting and playing. We then evolved to Arma II games and DayZ games. This was all some serious fun.
The clip of one of our games is found below, hope you enjoy and will show you that we don't only revolve around Arma and PC, we would also like to expand into console gaming and other games.

Flank tactical pictures.