Red9 VS Blacktail

A Comparison

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September 6, 2007

update about Wii version, and differences in non NTSC formats





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***3*** = 50 enemy health comparison

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***1***This FAQ was written by me (FlamingSquirrelofDeathv2, XIIIROCKS, and CrotchDeformity are my main aliases) to compare the Red9 and Blacktail Handguns in Resident Evil 4. I am using the NTSC (North American) Gamecube version. I do not believe there are any differences between the other platforms (UPDATE: this guide was written before the PC and Wii versions were released, There are some variations in the PAL version, the main one that coms to mind is the Red9’s exlusive brings it’s fire power up to 6, instead of 5. The Wii version is based off the PAL version, so it has the same differnces. There is a whole guide on gamefaqs as to the differnces)



I always used the Red9, simply because it was more powerful, then I bought the Blacktail, because I wanted to play around with it, and found some interesting stuff.

The Red 9, fully upgraded does 5 damage, and the Blacktail (fully upgraded,) 3.4


So, lets say we have an enemy with 6 health
Red9 damage per shot 5

Enemy health 6
5x2 = 10

6-10 = -4


Now lets see speed


Red9 firing speed .40

.40x2 = .80


So a Red9 will take 2 rounds, and just under a second to kill an enemy with 6 health.


Lets see what the Blacktail can do

Blacktail damage 3.4
Enemy health 6

3.4x2 = 6.8

6-6.8 = -.8


So that’s also 2 rounds, what about speed.


Blacktail speed .27

.27x2 = .54


So the Blacktail also takes 2 rounds to kill an enemy, but is slightly faster, at .54 compared to .80.


So there we see, that the Red9 and Blacktail, TAKE THE SAME AMOUNT OF ROUNDS TO KILL AN ENEMY WITH 6 DAMAGE. But, the Blacktail fires faster, and reloads faster, and has a bigger clip! So does this mean that the Blacktail is better? Not necessarily, since some enemies have more health (like a El Gigante or invisible Novistadors etc) but the Blacktail can fire 3 rounds in the time it takes a Red9 to fire 2 rounds. What does this mean? It means that for normal enemies, the Blacktail and the Red9 are the same, in the number of shots it takes to kill a normal enemy
So lets say there is an enemy with 50 health
Red9 5 damage a shot
5x10 = 50
rounds used= 10
firing speed .40 (of a second) .40x10= 4

so a Red9 takes 5 rounds, and 4 seconds to dish out 50 damage, lets see the Blacktail

Blacktail damage 3.4
3.4x15 = 51
rounds used= 15
firing speed = .27 (of a second) .27x15 = 4.05

so a Blacktail will use 15 rounds, and will take 4.05 seconds to dish out 50 damage (51 actually)

 What does all this mean? It means that the Blacktail has almost NO advantages over the Red9. It uses MORE ammo, BARELY savestime for low health enemies (.30 of a second) and for bigger enemies, TAKES LONGER AND MORE AMMO than the Red9. The ONLY advantage to the Blacktail is a bigger clip, and faster reloads. But generally, if you have to use an entire clip (even the Red9s smaller clip) of ammo (while fighting a crowd or group of enimies for instance) you’ll probably switch to your shotgun, or other weapon.





When I say, “Fully upgraded, I mean FULLY upgraded, with exclusive.


Firing speeds are measured in seconds; so .50 is half of a second, 4 is four seconds.


Enemy health is referring to the amount of damage an enemy can take, before dying.


I do not know what the average health of enemies, but I do know (totally off the record) that at the “offer a sacrifice to the lion” area (where you ride in the mine cart) the enemies will die in just one or two shots, from either the Red9 or the Blacktail. That’s why I decided to look into it further, and write this FAQ.


I used GameSpots online guide ( for the weapons stats, thanks for saving me the trouble of getting off my but! xD





Okay, everyone’s FAVORITE part…yeah right

I made this (with a little help from and if you want to use it on your site, then please EMAIL ME at that goes for questions or comments, please email me! I will not take any legal action or anything, but I really would appreciate it if you ask me first.