"ROCK" the Flamin' Cowboy"

60'S, 70'S, 80'S CLASSIC HITS

                        "Don't forget ta bring ya cowboy hats"


Teddy Boy Bop

"ROCK the Flamin' Cowboy"  loves to get down n have a hoot with the crowd.  Playing everything in a night from music that has Country Rock, Rock n Roll, Rockabilly, Rockabilly Swing and blues feel and well known popular hits.  This is a night that you'll love to sing along with.

You can get a CD of originals and hear versions of Country Rock and Rockabilly which Rock by the way thinks is great. 

Everyone's welcome from linedancers to rock n rollers to cowboys to just plain foot tappers.  The more the merrier. 

Rock himself has participated in the dance scene learning the steps to understand the viewpoint of those on the floor. 

Since the age of 12 when he attended a 13th birthday party and refused to leave unless his mother bought his friends guitar, Rock has had a passion for playing and performing.  No I tell a lie.  He used to dance and sing to the Beatles when he was knee high though his voice is too raunchy for those numbers now. 

 Rock has played all sorts of music but has finally found his niche with writing and recording his own Rockabilly and Country Rock.  It’s wild it’s fast and designed to dance to.  Rock has peformed from German oom pa pa to rock n roll to 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and everything in between.  Six piece bands down to solo.

Rockhouse Rockabilly

His Rockabilly is being played at numerous community stations throughout Australia and he has written jingles for stations such as 2CCC at Gosford and Huon FM 95.3 in Geeveston Tasmania. The Rock n Roll crowd through Dance schools and DJ’s have been enjoying the sounds of Rock Rogers.   A night with Rock will consist of anything from Rock n Roll, Rockabilly, Ruffabilly, Country Rock, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and best of all if you are brave enough “BAND KARAOKE”.

Bye Bye Baby So Long

Wind him up and let him go just be sure to unplug him when you want to go home.  Oh and don’t leave an acoustic guitar laying around because he just doesn’t know when to quit.

"Be ready for some serious partying"

Once upon a time around August 1998 I think? Roxine (Maxine the wife) said "Record it and see what it turns out like" talking about the song NOT 16.  We did, and we were happy with the outcome and presented it to some of the dance schools on the Central Coast, New South Wales Australia and we ended up with a good reception.  (The wife is actually the girlie voice on the song not me).  I decided I would write and record more of my own material I call Ruffabilly.  

Basically it is uptempo dance tunes with rockabilly riffs and a slightly distorted sound to give it more substance.  The tunes were road tested in the studio by actually dancing to the beat to check it was just right.  We got a good rhythm going with recording sessions and started to churn songs out quickly one after the other.  A couple of ballads were thrown in and "High School Sweetheart" became a very popular song packing the dance floor everytime with husbands and boyfriends singing into their partners ears.  The girls just loved it.

I basically get a riff I like and add words that are simple and flow so anyone listening can learn them quick.  Once the guitar track is done twice to fatten it up and with a drum track for timing the lead licks come in with the bass last to lock the whole song together and then vocals.  Rock has created this site to share his songs to the public.  (More narration to come.)


El Superbeasto
 Date: 05-09-2011 5:11:44 Subject: Howdy Rock Body:

It's been a good while since I've come into contact with you, which is a real darn shame, considerin' you're such a real hot shot musician. If you don't remember me, I was the inspiration you had for that song you did a few Christmases ago, by the title of Rockin' Dog. I just wanted to say thanks again for givin' me such a cool claim to fame. Cheers! :)

Lisa Lee, 12-07-2008 9:04:17 :great music kats

Rebel66, 12-07-2008 10:10:09 : Thanks for joining guys! Just love your music. sounding good guys.  Reb

Cameron, 12-08-2008 3:52:35 : Awesome stuff, you guys are rockin

Johnny, 12-08-2008 10:45:01 : Rockhouse rockabilly is great probly my favorite of the ones i have heard. Friday night sockhop was great too Runnin hot because i love that Ska/swing rockabilly sound. Suzi darling is about the only song that I heard that i wasnt a big fan of. It just sounded, idk played out maybe is the word. Like it had been done before is what im sayin i guess. you cats are great I enjoy your sound very much. Keep it rockin

laura, 12-08-2008 1:16:44 : hi ya thanx for the add lovin the sound

Scarlett, 12-09-2008 2:54:38 sweet tunes! thanks boys...keep up the good work!

Edgar, 12-15-2008 1:25:34 i freakin love you sound guys great i love to have it on my ipod

Lizzie, 12-16-2008 3:18:55 :hahahaha.. thank you for the comments!! youre too silly!! and if im   Heartless.... you'll just have to wait and see..hahaha im kidding.not with everyone.. but yeah great work boys!! keep it up.. and i already   checked   out ur tunes..and i digg them!! p.s. by the way you guys are awesome... cause free downloads from a kickass band.. nice!!  xoxo. love6Ms. Lizzie Heartless

SnareDrum, 12-16-2008 6:05:09 :DAMN! You guys are badass!

Jay, 12-17-2008 3:57:16 Nice to meet you, I've been busy the last few days but will sit down & have a good listen to your sounds over the weekend. But from what I've heard so far you have a kickin' sound, it's very well produced too :)

Francisco, 12-17-2008 6:09:11 Y'all can really rock it, man! Your song "Ready to Rumble" is my current favorite. I'm glad y'all added me!

Matt, 12-19-2008 2:54:07 Hey man thanks for stoping by and turning me on to your music. I enjoyed rockin out to you tunes. Believe In Me caught me by surprise. Great song writing and sound!

Simon, 12-19-2008 11:43:38 Gday mates great tunes. Merry christmas and best o luck for 2009

natosha, 12-20-2008 1:58:20 awwww i love highschool sweetheart!!

David, 12-20-2008 7:45:28 You guys rock! I love your sound! 

kelsie, 12-20-2008 11:10:41 no prob, u guys are pretty good :)

rudy, 12-23-2008 8:02:15 yeah you guys are good i heard your songs before i added you guys.....im just used to faster stuff....but its good none the less.... keep em coming guys

Lynn, 12-23-2008 9:29:42 : well, hey here fellas! diggin' them tunes!

keep on rockin' the way ya do
lookin' forward to seein' you fellas in Atlanta sometime soon
don't be strangers, now!
] L. Leon


David, 12-23-2008 10:10:11 tunes are pretty rockin fellas i can really dig em keep it up!

Heather, 12-24-2008 1:49:09 Wow your music is really good! I just got done listening to Bye   Bye Baby! and now im hooked!! Xoxo Heather


Lover boy, 12-30-2008 3:19:01 WE GOTTA ROCK IT! Yea Jamming song! YEA!

secret, 12-31-2008 1:54:29  Oh my. I LOVE your music =) XoXoXo ♪♪Rock Boppin' Baby♪♪

Erica, 01-01-2009 10:03:30 i really enjoyed you music . . .i liked your the girl cuz im a sucker for a love song . . .really enjoyed Hey bossman and rockhouse rockabilly . . i really like your sound

salina, 01-02-2009 3:11:49 Great music my fav is ready to rumble =]

Jerry, 01-06-2009 5:16:30 Hey fellas, sorry its takn' me a while to check your band out, but you sound pretty damn good from what I was listening to just a few minutes ago. Thanks for requesting me, feels good to listen to somthin' original. Alright fellas, keep rockin'. -Jerry

justin, 01-10-2009 2:27:15 i dig the sound.. makes my ear drums happy and my feet move. glad i found your music justinsane

Aaron, 01-10-2009 7:28:27 Hey, thanks for the add. I think I'll probably try to add most of these to my profile, haha

Edgar, 01-13-2009 3:20:28 hot damn i love your music

Brad, 01-14-2009 8:30:03 Sounds Fuckin Awesome BUD!!! You Guys have any demos you can send so i can listen in the buick...? Or tell me how to get it off the damn profile... HA HA HA!!!

Sarah, 01-16-2009 12:25:39 love the music!!! do you sell cds?! or anything?? I need to be able to listen to this in my car

tikibabe, 01-29-2009 7:03:50 I really love ''not 16'', im gonna play it loud in my Pontiac , just gotta wait til the weather improves, so may be a while! x

Sean, 02-10-2009 11:18:55 The music is GREAT!! Now all you need to do is come to Germany so I can see you live... so hurry up!!!!!

karla, 02-14-2009 2:25:47 HEY GUYS IM LOVING ALL THE SONGS!!! WHERE CAN I GET A CD?

Boomerang Bang Bang, 02-15-2009 7:33:58 : hey fellas, music sounds great...a big greet from costa rica!

Yolanda, 02-27-2009 8:52:31  Hiya.great sound.Hope you have a good weekend.Keep Rockin.     Love Yoli

SnareDrum, 03-17-2009 12:17:53  How the hell can I get your music to be blasting in myt truck?! I want it! How can I get it? CD, download? WHAT!

Ken, 04-29-2009 6:04:58 Great sound boys! You are sure Kats that got the cream with this sound! Got a lot of freinds over that side of the pond that I will make sure look out for your gigs! Good website also by the way!

Jett, 05-05-2009 10:43:32 Hey :3 Sorry it took me a minute to get around to listening. Though, I really dig what I've heard! Its too bad I don't live somewhere with great music like yours.

sharon, 05-07-2009 1:50:05 Hi Guys your songs are brilliant such a pity i won't be seeing you lot at the americarna in July im assisting this year there with Dave Brighton of the rockabilly radio station here in the uk keep in touch and all the best Sharon.


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