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OnG vs Beastmen 2000p

This was a battle against my only horned friend's vile Beasties. My Greenskins emerged victorious proving that greena is always meena!

Round 1

Beastmen turn 1

Two Lucky ambushers charge rock lobba and Doom diver.  Ambushers fail primal fury.

All spells dispelled in magic phase

Cygor stone throws the orcs’ general unit but fails its target and hits a few ambushers. The cygor is mad now!

The ambushers have a hard time fighting the valiant war machine crews of gobbos. The fights are draws. The gobbos cheer in the faces of the ambushers.       

Orcs rurn 1

The war machine guarding troll charges ambushers after receiving instructions from the general.

Spider riders charge the minotaurs  thorough the woods relying on their posion attacks to do a great job. The goblin boss tries his luck with the one hit wunda gaining S 10 for one round. The charge ends in a draw with neither side gaining the upper hand.

Troll beats ambushers and pursues off table. Take that you darn ambushing bastards!



Round 2

Beastmen turn 2

Beasts move forward.

Magic phase unlucky for the beastmen – all dispelled.

Cygor kills 4 orcs at long range – good shot! Cygor is now happy again.

The spider riders are charged in both flanks by skirmishers and a chariot. The combined might of minotaurs and this aid annihilates the brave riders

The second ambushing unit kills off the doom diver. The orcs and goclins are getting fed up with ambushers. The orc general grumbles…

Orcs turn 2

Orcs move forward

Fanatics can’t be kept down and kill an unfortunate minotaur in an explosion of blood, broken limbs and horns. The big minotaur unit moves on.

Trolls and black orc war boss charge ungors big flank unit. The fight is won but the ungors stay where they are. Beastmen general feels cheated but the trolls and the boss fought well. The primal fury works well nonetheless but the high toughness and the regeneration save save the day for the valiant charging little unit.

In the magic phase the orc shaman explodes unable to contain the huge surge of waaaagh energy coming from the surrounding and exited greenskins.

The devious goblins kill 3 minotaurs at close range with their poisoned short bows. Beastmen will think twice about attacking the little sneaky bastards again. The minotaurs lose their nerve and flee.

The remaining Rock lobba crew hits cygor for 4 wounds across the table lucky shot there! Cygor now has a headache.

Trolls and boss slay 4 ungors. The ungors kill none – ungors lose but insane curage saves the day. Beastmen general is NOT happy with the performance of his herd though!

Turn 3

Beastmen general chooses not to rally the fleeing Minotaurs hoping to cheat the goblins of their prey. They flee through the fanatic and suffer 2 wounds… Darn fanatics

Ungors main unit charge the main orc unit but something goes wrong and the beastmen lose their resolve exposing themselves to a counter charge

Magic phase: Beastman mage draws upon the energies of the wild and kills 2 orcs with his magic spear. All other spells are dispelled.

Cygor must be drunk and misses with his stupid rock.

Skirmishers shoot at orcs. The arrows hit home but ar repelled by thick green skin - 1 kill

Trolls are lucky and must be protected by the troll god. They kill 4 ungors in what will prove to be a long fight – Ungors’ musician wins the day in a draw but orcish leadership holds!

Orcs turn 3

Fanatic runs wild and kills 3 of its own. The huge gobo unit hardly notices despite limbs and heads flying all over.

Orc general forget to move chariot and lone troll troll and they stick to the table edge after pursuing off table.

Orcs’ general unit charge main ungors with beatsman standard. Ungors lose by one and flee. Orcs pursue determined to catch the cowardly foe, but do not catch them.

Black orcs charge the ungor skirmishers coming out of the woods after fighting the spider riders. Skirmishers choose to flee but flee straight into beastman mage in chariot. The mage loses his nerve and turns tail.

The goblin bolt throwers finish off the big minotaur unit. This unit is now entirely lost to crazed fanatics and poisoned arrows. The gobbos cheer as their prey goes down.

Uneventful magic phase…                


Round 4

Beatsmen turn 4

Minotaurs charge out of the woods at the black orcs. The orcs choose a tactical withdrawal but are caught by the blood thirsty minotaurs. The ensuing fight is short and not an orc survives. Unfortunately the orcs don’t taste good…

The fight at the other end of the battlefield between ungors and the trolls with their black orc captain continues. The ungors must be drunk. They keep missing the troll and score only one wound but win by one because of numbers. The mighty orc and his troll companion fight on. Beastman general grumbles about more bad luck…

Orcs turn 4

One of the Fanatics whirls into the poor unlucky ungors fighting the orc boss and his now only 1 troll friend killing 3 in the now well known spray of blood.

Orc Chariot finally joins battle and charges remaining minotaurs at the forest heavy side of the battlefield. The fight is a draw…

Big goblin unit decides to help the troll and the black orc and charges in alongside the troll and black orc. The ungors flee after a short fight and are caught and wiped out. Beastmen general grumbles once again as he also failed his bestial fury test.

Round 5

Beatmen turn 5

Beastman Chariot charges in with the minotaurs fighting the orc chariot. The orcs don’t even know what hit them as their trusty wagon is smashed to pieces. One of the pigs kills a minotaur though as it had only one wound left.

The not very useful beastman shaman fails his spells utterly. Beastman general grumbles.

Orcs turn 5

The remaining fanatics are out of control now and kills one more gobo. No one even notices…

Orcs don’t manage to do more useful things this turn apart from closing in on the middle of the table. Shooting is fruitless…


Round 6

Beastmen turn 6

Chariot charges bolt thrower but fails charge. The gobbo crew laughs out loud.

The remaining and now wounded minotaur charges the lonely troll which has found some interesting flowers to look at. The troll doesn’t know what hits him and is soon minotaur dinner. The troll doesn’t taste good though and the minotaur overruns 6” but thereby places himself right in front of the goblin spear chukka. The goblins smile…

The cygor loses his last wound by dropping his stone on his head. Beastman general grumbles…

Skirmishers flanks and shoots orc general unit – 1 dead orc.

Spells are dispelled except for a buff for the skirmishers.

Orcs turn 6

One fanatic whirls off the table and the other kills himself before hitting boss and troll. Beastman general grumbles as he’ looked forward to fanatic carnage on the remaining troll and his orc friend.

The smiling gobbos at the spear thrower picks off the last minotaur at close range.


The orcs and goblins won a solid victory and with the warherd on its heels now move into the woods to claim what is theirs.