Welcome to Flameshammer, our gaming group's web page, where you can read about all the fun we have with the wargaming hobby both when it comes to painting and modelling and testing each others' skill on the tabletop battlefield.

We play both Flames of War and Warhammer Fantasy why both games will be featured on this page. We all love the WW2 setting of Flames of War and a few of us have a preference for the Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy universe.

Please check out the painting blogs and battle reports for inspiration or just fun. Comments will be appreciated.

We have just started building this page and look forward to see it grow over time.

Flames of War

After some of us had taken up the Warhammer hobby of our teen years 
again, others could see the fun potential in a miniature and tabletop wargaming hobby. But as the Warhammer Fantasy setting of Games Workshop for some is not the right thing, it was hard for those to get started. That was until we were introduced to Flames of War

The WW2 setting immediately felt right for everyone and we got started. After almost 
having learned the rules, our Italian, German, American and British armies battle it out every once in a while on the table tops of our dining rooms.