Yes, another dishcloth... ;D I would never have thought, that I would prefer my handmade dishcloth to shop bought microfiber ones, but that's the case now :D 

So whenever I have no proper project on my needles, I knit one of those! You can of course use this dishcloth as a facecloth if you think it's too fancy for your kitchen, but I think a fancy and modern dishcloth is just the way to go in our times!


For one dishcloth you will need

1 ball of Coats Lyric 8/8 (100% cotton, 50g/70m) in black and one in a contrasting colour; actually you will only need about half of each ball.

4mm ndls of your preferred choice

Crochet hook 4mm



The Pattern

 This pattern is based on a multiple of 4 sts, so you can adapt it to the size you need.


CO 40st using main colour (MC)

Row 1 + 2: k in MC

Row 3: using contrasting colour (CC), *k3, sl1 till end

Row 4: k

Row 5: using MC, k2, sl1, *k3, sl1 till end

Row 6: k

Row 7: using CC, k1, sl1, *k3, sl1 till end

Row 8: k

Row 9: using MC, sl1, *k3, sl1 till end

Row 10: k


Repeat rows 3 to 10 until your dishcloth is long enough, ending with row 4 – do not break CC yarn!! K for two more rows in MC and BO. Using your crochet hook, crochet a loop with singles in CC, weave in the ends and enjoy cleaning with a funky dishcloth :D


Please note that my patterns are for personal use only! You may not sell any item made following my patterns for business; though you may sell them on charity events. You may not sell my pattern! You may include it in a gift/swap, but please give me the credits for the design! Thank you!  

copyright Friederike Winter 2008