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Our group is interested in using various nanomaterials as building blocks for constructing novel functional structures, either through chemical synthesis or self-assembly. We focus on developing strategies which will allow precise control over the property and functionality of the produced structures. 

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Latest News

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2017.09.30[Open Positions] We are searching for two new postdoctoral researchers. Please visit the “positions” section for details.
2017.09.18[New students] Two graduate students, Li Chuang and Wen Piao, joins our group. Welcome!
2017.09.03[New position] Franklin has started his new position as associate professor at ShanghaiTech University. 
2017.01.09[Publication] Dr. Hong's work is accepted in Journal of Power Sources. Title of the article is "Three-dimensional reduced graphene oxide/polyaniline nanocomposite film prepared by diffusion driven layer-by-layer assembly for high-performance supercapacitors".
2016.05.01[Publication] Jianli's work is accepted in Advanced Materials Interfaces. Title of the article is "Application of diffusion-driven layer-by-layer assembly for fabricating compact graphene-based supercapacitors".
2015.04.01[Promotion] Franklin is promoted to an associate professor.
2014.09.05[Publication] Jianli's work is accepted in Nature Communications. Title of the article is "Diffusion driven layer-by-layer assembly of graphene oxide nanosheets into porous three-dimensional macrostructures".
2014.05.01[New Member] Dr. Binbin Zhang joins our group as a postdoctoral researcher. Welcome!
2013.12.15[Member leaves] Dr. Lin Wang is starting a new position at General Electric (GE) Global Research Center - China as Research Scientist. Best wishes!
2012.05.14[Publication] Collabration work with Dr. Susumu Kitagawa & Dr. Shuhei Furukawa (iCeMS, Kyoto Univ.) is accepted in Journal of the American Chemical Society . Title of the article is "Integration of Porous Coordination Polymers and Gold Nanorods into Core-shell Mesoscopic Composites towards Light-induced Molecular Release" [link]
2012.11.08[Publication] Jianli's work is accepted in ACS Nano. Title of the article is "Self-Assembly of Two-Dimensional Nanosheets Induced by Interfacial Polyionic Complexation"[link]
2012.10.31[Grants] Franklin is awarded “iCeMS-JSPS Overseas Visit Program for Young Researchers”from iCemS and JSPS. We are much grateful for the generous support.
2012.10.25[Grants] Jianli is awarded “Kyoto University Start-up Grant” from Kyoto University. We are much grateful for the generous support.
2012.04.06[Grants] Franklin is awarded “Grants-in-Aid for Young Scientists (A)” from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). We are much grateful for the generous support.
2012.02.13[Publication] Collabration work with Dr. Jiaxing Huang (Northwetsern Univ.) is accepted in Nano Today. Title of the review article is "Energetic Graphene Oxide: Challenges and Opportunities" [link]
2012.01.12[Publication] Collabration work with Dr. Susumu Kitagawa & Dr. Shuhei Furukawa (iCeMS, Kyoto Univ.) is accepted in Journal of Materials Chemistry. Title of the article is "Crystal morphology-directed framework orientation in porous coordination polymer films and freestanding membranes via Langmuir–Blodgettry" [link]
2011.08.30[Publication] Collaboration work with Dr. Jiaxing Huang (Northwestern Univ.) and Dr. Robert Hurt (Brown Univ.) is accepted in ACS Nano. Title of the article is "Hydration-Responsive Folding and Unfolding in Graphene Oxide Liquid Crystal Phases" [link]
2010.12.16Franklin is appointed as iCeMS Kyoto Fellow.