• Mariah Carey - I Want To Know What Love Is(葉泓毅) I want to know what love is(我想知道愛是什麼) I gotta take a little time我應該花一點時間A little time to think things over好好的徹底思考I better read between the lines我得仔細思索其中意涵 ...
    張貼者:2011年4月25日 上午4:26楊皇毅
  • firework -Katy Perry(葉泓毅) http://et1989315.pixnet.net/blog/post/32779360 歌詞和影片來源 Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind你曾經感覺像任風擺佈的塑膠袋Wanting to start again?想要重新出發?Do you ever feel ...
    張貼者:2011年4月18日 上午8:30葉泓毅
  • Daughtry - It's Not Over 彭兆緯 I was blown away.  我已隨風而去 What could I say?  還能說什麼呢? It all seem to make sense.  一切的存在似乎都有它的意義 You've taken away everything,  你把所有的一切都奪走了 And I can't deal with that ...
    張貼者:2011年4月18日 上午8:25彭兆緯
  • Daughtry - What About Now 彭兆緯 Shadows fill an empty heart as love is fading 夢魘趁愛消散的間隙占據了空虛的心靈 From all the things that we are but are not saying 趁著我們明瞭然而絕口不提之際 Can we see beyond the scars and make ...
    張貼者:2011年4月18日 上午8:09彭兆緯
  • 李家元 The Lonely Island ft Akon - I Just have sex Sometimes (ohhh), something beautiful happens in this world (Akon)You don't know how to express yourself so (and Lonely Island)You just gotta sing... I just had sex, and ...
    張貼者:2011年4月20日 上午6:43李家元
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    ‎The formal scope of this project.‎
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