Farrukh J Fattoyev, Ph.D.
Center for Exploration of Energy and MatterIndiana University
2401 N. Milo B. Sampson Lane
Bloomington, IN 47408
Phone: 812 855 5473
Email: ffattoye(at)indiana.edu
I am a postdoctoral research fellow at the Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter, Indiana University. My research interests are in theoretical nuclear physics and nuclear astrophysics, and in particular I am interested in the equation of state of nuclear and neutron-star matter, building and developing nuclear energy density functionals in the context of the relativistic mean-field model, studying the structure, composition and dynamics of neutron stars (mass vs. radius, moments of inertia, quadrupole deformation, tidal deformability, nuclear pasta, cooling processes, gravitational wave emissions, etc.), understanding the isovector nuclear interaction through the density dependence of the nuclear symmetry energy, neutron distribution and neutron skin of medium to heavy nuclei.
Mass vs Radius
  Correlating Neutron Skins to Neutron Stars 
Neutron Distribution in 208Pb
(Left) Mass-vs-radius relation of neutron stars. (Middle) A color-coded plot of the correlation coefficients between 120 pairs of observables. (Right) Neutron density and charge density distributions in Lead-208. 

From left to right: gnocchi, spaghetti and lasagna phases of the nuclear pasta.