From 03/2013 to 01/2016 I was a Research Fellow at the Department of Statistics of the University of Warwick. I was a Research Fellow at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (Cancer Survival Group) from 02/2016 to 08/2018.

My research interests include:
  • Bayesian Statistics.
  • Objective Bayes.
  • Model Selection.
  • Survival Models.
  • Models for Longitudinal Data.
  • Flexible parametric distributions.
  • Biostatistics.

I am an Associate Editor of the journal Computational Statistics & Data Analysis (August 2019 - )

Contact detailsjavier.rubio_alvarez 'at' kcl.ac.uk

  1. I will give a talk at the XV CLAPEM 2019 in the session "Statistical modeling with biomedical applications", organised by Carolina Euan.


BSc Physics and Mathematics (2002-2006) UMSNH, México.

MSc Probability and Statistics (2006-2008) CIMAT, México.

PhD Statistics (2010-2013) University of Warwick, UK.