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TitleGenreAuthor(s)What's next?Project LinkDec 18 2018
TitleGenreAuthor(s)What's next?Project LinkDec 18 2018
Come Thou Fount Worship Drycamp Vocals, more instruments visit March 19, 2019 
Heart Of Gold (It's not ok) Pop  TSTstudio/Melani Cholie FINISHED! visit March 15, 2019 
Perfect Storm Anthem Kris Pride Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys visit March 15, 2019 
I Know Broke Rock  jzsuperstar bass gtr, keys, drums visit March 8, 2019 
Three Trees Four Birds Pop/Jazz Jouv FINISHED! visit February 27, 2019 
That Place Jazz Jouv FINISHED visit February 22, 2019 
KMJ Jazz Jouv FINISHED! visit February 21, 2019 
Ari's Song Alt. Rock Nale Creations Drums, development visit February 18, 2019 
Eyes Burn Blue Pop  Kevin Boyd FINISHED! visit February 18, 2019 
I Want To Be There Rock (Country)  Fred lyrics, vocals, arrangement visit February 12, 2019 
Drum Tracks Various Various These are starter drum tracks for everyone to use visit February 10, 2019 
Chibbers For Bros Blues Rock jzsuperstar FINISHED! visit February 10, 2019 
Forty Four Rock (Progressive) Nick Sabadosh FINISHED! visit February 9, 2019 
The Broken Ground Rock (Folk)  Mrattue FINISHED! visit February 9, 2019 
Smoke Alt. Rock leo.roese FINISHED! visit February 8, 2019 
Blurred Pop/Rock  Freddy Lyric, vocal, arrangement visit February 8, 2019 
FLY - piano arrangement Pop  Freddy Development by our online band FLY visit February 8, 2019 
Got You Cryin - EXPLICIT LANGUAGE Alt. Rock Ted23 FINISHED! visit February 6, 2019 
So Fine  Folk Rachel Ambrose Development visit February 3, 2019 
Ode To The Moon Metal  Brent Mordue FINISHED! visit February 3, 2019 
Country Girl Rock  Brent Mordue Mix/master visit February 3, 2019 
Bells (Toll A Pulse) Alt. Rock bmeyerson11 FINISHED! visit January 30, 2019 
Falling Apart At The Seams Metal  Keeper Lyrics, vocals, arrangement visit January 30, 2019 
Swirling Rock   Fred mix, arrangement visit January 28, 2019 
All In You Alt. Rock Europica FINISHED! visit January 28, 2019 
Gypsy Woman Blues/Funk Freddy Lyrics, vocals, arrangement, keys *visit January 22, 2019 
The Ballad Of Alex Haze Rock (Progressive) Brent Mordue FINISHED! visit January 20, 2019 
A minor from loopaxe Rock  loopaxe records keys, leads, lyrics, vocals, arrangement visit January 20, 2019 
Take Care Of Yourself Pop  Lupole Lead gtr/sax visit January 19, 2019 
Empty Promises Alt. Rock Brent Mordue FINISHED! visit January 16, 2019 
Who's Gonna Love Me Alt. Rock Anne/Freddy FINISHED visit January 16, 2019 
Free To Be The Blues Blues Keeper Total rework visit January 12, 2019 
All Over Again Rock  Furlong, Downey Get stems and remix/master visit January 9, 2019 
Stuffed Eggs and Ham Rock (Funk) ivax, keeper keys, lyrics, vocals, leads, arrangement visit January 7, 2019 
Abandoned (Into Better Hands) Pop/Rock  Jason Didner FINISHED! visit January 7, 2019 
I Am Me Rock Opera Mel Barnett & Dick Langford FINISHED! visit December 30, 2018 
A Hole In The Road Rock  Keeper lyrics, vocals visit December 17, 2018 
Pull me Under Rock  Jon and Lisa FINISHED! visit December 16, 2018 
Falling Pop  Lupole Leads visit December 11, 2018 
A Dozen Roses Classical Melani Cholie and Cuomo Aguire FINISHED! visit December 3, 2018 
Nov 18, 18 Alt. Rock Caveman 420 Guitar solos visit November 26, 2018 
I Will Go Alt. Rock kenny_b Guitar, keys, vocal visit November 24, 2018 
If I Could Change the Blues Alt. Rock leo.roese FINISHED visit November 19, 2018 
No One Not a Soul Rock (Progressive) Caveman420 & Franco Finished visit November 5, 2018 
Muck it Up Good Rock  Keeper  Lyrics, melody, vocal, arrangement visit November 2, 2018 
Waltz (Sorta) Jazz Caveman420 Lead solo auditions visit October 26, 2018 
(RMW) Rock  keeper Mix visit October 22, 2018 
Friday Light  Rock  Keeper mix, arrangement visit October 20, 2018 
Cyberspace Criminal Rock (Progressive) Brent Mordue FINISHED! visit October 16, 2018 
Neon Sunset Alt. Rock  Fred mix down visit October 16, 2018 
Country Girl Alt. Rock Fred  arrangement *visit October 15, 2018 
The Unveiling Country April & Doug FINISHED *visit October 13, 2018 
Under The Weather Country April Denman and Mike Sadler FINISHED visit October 7, 2018 
The Long Road Alt. Rock Kristine Failla, Mel Barnett FINISHED! visit October 6, 2018 
Telecommunications Act of 1996 Alt. Rock Rego Finished visit October 5, 2018 
This Is An Emergency Rock  Kevin Renshaw Drums, guitar, backing vocals, mix, master visit October 4, 2018 
darker days Alt. Rock Nick & Kevin FINISHED! visit October 2, 2018 
High Alt. Rock Hannah and the Meez Arrangement visit September 21, 2018 
Lost Child Ballad Razmig Development visit September 8, 2018 
Breathless Alt. Rock NickyMoyle development visit September 6, 2018 
Champagne Mango Pop/Rock  Keeper Lyrics, melody, arrangement visit August 23, 2018 
Steppin' Jazz Indyxpress FINISHED! *visit August 21, 2018 
Son-ic Rocker (still under discussion depending on the lyrics) Rock  Brent Mordue, & Son Development (Drums, Vocals/Lyrics, Keys for intro, Guitar 1, Lead Guitar, Mix/arrangement) visit July 29, 2018 
I Have These Memories Blues Freddy FINISHED! *visit July 23, 2018 
I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead Pop/Rock  Rob Tunbridge Backing Vocals visit July 22, 2018 
Hollywood Alt. Rock Cirrus Development/arrangement visit July 17, 2018 
Talking To Yourself Country Larry Dunaway Development visit July 16, 2018 
Atilio's Song Rock  The Mindful Bard, Atilio Pasquini, and Gilbert Cantin Male vocal visit July 13, 2018 
Maybe We Can Fix It For Tonight Pop  Jon Darren Development *visit July 9, 2018 
Symphony Of Agony Rock  Nick Madsen & Brent Mordue FINISHED! visit June 25, 2018 
Antioch Country Jon Darren Development *visit June 15, 2018 
How Do I Stay Gone Jazz W. Waterman Instruments/arrangement/mix-master visit June 9, 2018 
Road Trip Country Brent Mordue FINISHED! visit May 31, 2018 
Not OK Alt. Rock Jon Darren Development discussion visit May 24, 2018 
Not Living There Anymore  Folk Jon Darren and Philip Gardner FINISHED! *visit May 15, 2018 
Nights In SF Pop  Jon Darren Bass, gtr, arrangement *visit May 15, 2018 
Shouldn't Stand Alone  Folk Jon Darren Discuss *visit May 9, 2018 
Autumn Sun R&B/Ballad Keeper Arrangement, development *visit April 20, 2018 
Purple Light/Diamond Highway Pop  Jon Darren Development *visit April 18, 2018 
She Doesn't Leave My Mind Pop  Jon Darren Development *visit April 5, 2018 
Grumpy Pants Country Jon Darren Development *visit April 5, 2018 
Burn It All Pop  Jon Darren Development *visit April 4, 2018 
Old Fashioned Groove Love Rock  Jon Darren Development *visit April 4, 2018 
Dangerous Times Rock  Ray Sharp FINISHED! *visit March 26, 2018 
Rain Down On Me Alt. Rock Brent Mordue FINISHED! *visit March 26, 2018 
Voodoo Zombie Metal  Ed Phoenix and Mike D Vocal *visit March 21, 2018 
Anything Goes Alt. Rock Kathy Shortt Backing vocal, arrangement, mix *visit March 18, 2018 
Slipping Away Ballad Freddy, Susan& Melsi Lyrics, vocal, and arrangement *visit March 13, 2018 
The Ocean Pop  Natalie Remix, remaster *visit March 7, 2018 
I Feel So Alone Alt. Rock Dirge K - Natalie  Production *visit March 3, 2018 
Nola Blues Blues Patrick Hamilton Development *visit March 2, 2018 
Left Alone Rock  Curtis Downey Mix/Master *visit February 7, 2018 
An Afternoon In April Rock  keeper / leo.roese  Mix/Master *visit February 7, 2018 
Cowboy Chords Rock  Angus Clark Arrangement Development *visit February 7, 2018 
New Perspective Blues Keeper Arrange Mel's vocals *visit January 19, 2018 
Ya Dig (Suzy) Jazz Keeper/Dixon Development *visit January 13, 2018 
Outlaw Country Ken Verslype FINISHED! *visit January 5, 2018 
The Dream Rock  Kenny Verslype Arrangement, development, production *visit December 23, 2017 
March 1 Rock  keeper bass - keys - leads - lyrics - vox *visit December 22, 2017 
Bossa Nuga Jazz Keeper Vocals *visit December 22, 2017 
Saxy Blues Funk Funk - Soul Keeper Lyrics/Vocals *visit December 19, 2017 
Coming Home for Christmas Holiday Melani Cholie Check Lyrics, and more vocal takes *visit December 19, 2017 
Wildmoon Woman Rock  David Maurice Garrett, Melani Cholie FINISHED! *visit December 8, 2017 
On Vacation Rock (Funk) Keeper FINISHED! *visit December 8, 2017 
Til We Meet Again Ballad Alice Leonz Backing vocs? *visit December 6, 2017 
Angels In The Snow Holiday Susan and Ed Lyrics, vocals *visit December 6, 2017 
Luminosity Pop/Rock  Melani Cholie, David Maurice Garrett  FINISHED! *visit December 3, 2017 
A Sort Of Loving Ballad Stephen Robb Mix/Master *visit November 29, 2017 
Fireflies Rock (Progressive) Keeper  Development *visit November 29, 2017 
FRAJ120 Rock  Keeper Development *visit November 25, 2017 
Broken Bed of Roses Pop  Melani Cholie arrangement - chords *visit November 19, 2017 
Blacksheep Jazz Snakefishes feat Moody Mo FINISHED! *visit November 19, 2017 
Half Way Rock (Country)  keeper lyrics & vox *visit November 19, 2017 
Play The Game Of Life Rock (Funk) keeper Lyrics, vocals, arrangement *visit November 19, 2017 
One More Valley To Cross Country Joe Whitehead FINISHED! *visit November 8, 2017 
Save Some For Etta Rock  Keeper  FINISHED! *visit October 30, 2017 
Gonads Intact Rock  David Maurice Garrett  lyrics, melody, vocal, drums, arrangement *visit October 25, 2017 
The Promise Pop  Freddy Lyrics/Vocals *visit October 24, 2017 
Jam with friends Acid Jazz Provision Lukavac Looking for drums *visit October 23, 2017 
G Major Country Pop Country Pop David Maurice Garrett Lyrics, vocals, drums, any other instrument, that fits.  *visit October 23, 2017 
150bpm_07 Acid Jazz Provision Lukavac Drums *visit October 23, 2017 
Flamenco Rock Rock  David Maurice Garrett lyrics, vocals, drums, arrangement *visit October 19, 2017 
Sunny Day Funk Rock (Funk) David Maurice Garrett lyrics/vocals, arrangement, drums *visit October 13, 2017 
Falling To You Ballad Aleonz Leads *visit September 16, 2017 
Never Gone Acoustic Ballad Curtis Downey & David Patterson FINISHED! *visit September 12, 2017 
Mellow Alt. Rock Eddie Wilson Arrange or vocal *visit September 6, 2017 
So Funkin' Moogy Rock  Keeper Development *visit September 4, 2017 
Dream Hotel Rock  Ted Poulsen FINISHED! *visit September 2, 2017 
Fuse ion your mark Jazz/Funk keeper gtr, keys, sax (leads) *visit July 23, 2017 
7-21-17-edmish-rap-idea Rap  Chad Campsey Looking for rapper *visit July 22, 2017 
Notion Rock  Calchas FINISHED! *visit July 20, 2017 
PopPop Mama Jamma Jazz Improv keeper Mix/master *visit July 19, 2017 
No Plan Jam Jazz Improv keeper mix/master *visit July 16, 2017 
Jazz Improv 06-28-17 Jazz Improv tyros4 - GlezBass  Mix/master *visit June 29, 2017 
Who Done It Jazz Improv ArkRockStudio Mix/master *visit June 28, 2017 
Replaced Ballad Kathy and Freddy FINISHED! *visit June 13, 2017 
What Do You Say Swing Fred E. Jam & Anne Cozean FINISHED! *visit June 6, 2017 
Make It Happen Jazz/Funk Mel, and Kathy FINISHED! *visit May 30, 2017 
Open Up And Soar Jazz Lutz FINISHED! *visit May 18, 2017 
What Matters Now Country April, and Billy Male vocalist *visit May 3, 2017 
I'm Still Gonna Love You Jazz Terry Pearson Drums *visit April 27, 2017 
Bullfrog Blues Blues Public Domain. Arranged by S Robb Finished *visit April 14, 2017 
Rain Rock  Snakefishes FINISHED! *visit April 9, 2017 
Quit While You're Ahead Rock  Jason Didner FINISHED! *visit April 1, 2017 
How I feel Alt. Rock Keeper/Franco  arrangement, mix *visit March 14, 2017 
Paper Moon Folk  Snakefishes FINISHED! *visit March 11, 2017 
Pick Your Battles Rock  Curtain Call FINISHED! visit March 10, 2017 
Glimpses Ballad FINISHED! *visit March 5, 2017 
Sweetie belle Folk  Fernando G. FINISHED! *visit March 2, 2017 
The Trader Alt. Rock Finkledink & egodays (Curtain Call) FINISHED! *visit February 28, 2017 
Illusion Pop/Rock  Ed Millican FINISHED! *visit February 26, 2017 
WIP Ballad LsH Development FLY *visit February 26, 2017 
Curtain Call Alt. Rock Michael Aashiem & Nacho de la Rosa FINISHED! *visit February 25, 2017 
F**k It Metal  John Herote & Donovane van Dyk FINISHED! *visit February 10, 2017 
Fish On A Dish Alt. Rock Nacho de la Rosa FINISHED! *visit February 7, 2017 
TOTAL ECHO'S R&B/Ballad DRESTRAX Male or Female vocal - lyrics *visit January 30, 2017 
THE TITLE ROCK Alt. Rock DRESTRAX  add lyrics/vocals.. Female and/or male *visit January 27, 2017 
GIRL LIKE YOU R&B/Trap DRESTRAX Vocals and Lyrics *visit January 27, 2017 
Nexus R&B/Trap DSP Studios Anything *visit January 26, 2017 
Dirty Street Dancer Progressive Funk Snakefishes FINISHED! *visit January 19, 2017 
Ska 2 B Me Punk/Ska  Keeper Lyrics, vocals, arrangement *visit January 15, 2017 
The Clown Ballad Snakefishes FINISHED! *visit January 14, 2017 
Knocking On The Devil's Door  Country April and Doug FINISHED! *visit January 14, 2017 
A Quiet Sunday Jazz  Melani and Frankie Re-sing *visit November 11, 2016 
Waltzing In My Kitchen Jazz  Melani and Keeper FINISHED! *visit November 3, 2016 
Fish Out Of Water Folk  Kathy Shortt Production *visit October 9, 2016 
A New Life (Changes) Easy Listening Melani and Keeper FINISHED! *visit September 27, 2016 
A Song For The World R&B/Soul Freddy and Dattie Do lyrics, vocals arrangement *visit September 19, 2016 
Trust In You Pop  Keeper Develop rhythm/melody *visit September 17, 2016 
Touch The Sun Pop/Rock  Ed M and Freddy Arrangement *visit September 14, 2016 
You Made Me This Way  Country Keeper Lyrics, vocals *visit September 10, 2016 
Shy Rock  Don Buck FINISHED! *visit September 5, 2016 
If I was your Romeo Jazz (Latin) Dom Acoustic Gtr *visit August 31, 2016 
Over and Over Ballad Kathy Shortt FINISHED! *visit June 30, 2016 
When I Was Me Pop/Rock  Melsi and Freddy Vocal arrangement, production *visit May 23, 2016 
Tell Me You Love Me All Dressed Up Electronic Rock Wendy Stephany of St0rmyw1nd Production *visit May 14, 2016 
Primal instincts Electronic Rock Antonio Coragem Anything and everything.This is just the beginning of an idea, and the verse/chorus format is not sorted yet. Also the title can be changed depending on added ideas. *visit May 9, 2016 
Soul Soup Funk - Soul Freddy Lyrics/vocals *visit March 12, 2016 
Looks like the Partys Over Pop/Rock  Ken Marth Drums, Bass and lead guitar for sure then whatever else (maybe keys?) *visit November 25, 2015 
in-the-world-today Rock  Al Kerr bass and maybe some piano or electric guitar *visit November 1, 2015 
Good ole fashioned country music  Country Al Kerr  accordian and maybe piano *visit October 26, 2015 
The Day You Became My Bride Folk  Al Kerr bass and accordian *visit October 26, 2015 
I Call it love  Country Al kerr FINISHED! *visit October 25, 2015 
a song for KAIDA (Little Dragon) Ballad Ken Marth Music, vocals, arrangement, mix/master *visit September 18, 2015 
Should'nt make profit from the prophet  Country Al Kerr I'm looking for help with extra insrumentation on the track bass,maybe piano and backing vocals etc *visit September 3, 2015 
Mike's Blues Blues Freddy Jame some leads and vocals *visit June 11, 2015 
Sometime After Midnight Rock  Andre & Freddy Development. Lyrics, vocals, keys, leads, arrangement, mix/master *visit June 10, 2015 
I Want A New Truck  Country Danl B Music *visit April 22, 2015 
Going All Out Reggae  Dom Needs a lead and possibly replace intruments *visit April 8, 2015 
Weekday Afternoon Samba Domenic Replace Instruments *visit April 1, 2015 
New Collab Folk  Nick Madsen Drums, Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar Licks and solo *visit March 10, 2015 
Pray For Peace Ballad Gary and April Production *visit January 24, 2015 
The Descendants Blues Donny Nardi  I am calling for collaborations from vocalists and musicians, *visit January 10, 2015 
More Than Words Can Say Folk  Nick Madsen Female vocals *visit January 2, 2015 
Captain Rock  DBuck Vocals? *visit December 19, 2014 
Merry Christmas Song Holiday Irwin Abrigo FINISHED! *visit December 3, 2014 
Cashmere Cat Style R&B/Soul Sub Alpine (Matt Arbon) Lyrics, Vocals *visit November 20, 2014 
Moon Rock  StratoTom & Keeper Lyrics, Vocals *visit November 14, 2014 
Yesterday Again Contemporary Dattie, Freddy, & Mel Lyrics/vocals *visit November 14, 2014 
HORIZONS AND GRAVITY Rock  Freddy lyrics, vocals, arrangement *visit November 9, 2014 
R & B Funk R&B/Soul Dattie and Mel Lyrics, vocals, arrangement, production, leads etc. Rough mix *visit November 8, 2014 
The Windchimes Scream Alt. Rock Ed Phoenix, and Wendy Stephany FINISHED! *visit November 6, 2014 
Into The Flames Ballad April and Kayla FINISHED! *visit November 2, 2014 
A. Albrecht - epic ballad in E minor A minor backing track Metal  A. Albrecht lyrics, vocals, leads *visit October 26, 2014 
Cry Mercy Rock  Ed Phoenix FINISHED! *visit October 25, 2014 
Winds Of War Alt. Rock Antonio Coragem Lyrics, vocals, guitar, and any other ideas *visit October 25, 2014 
Broken Ballad Andy Jakesch  looking for a singer *visit October 23, 2014 
Albrecht's Rock/Metal in #F (10-20-14) Metal  A. Albrecht Vocals, lyrics, leads, arrangement, mix/master *visit October 20, 2014 
Gift Of My Life Contemporary Melanie Cholie FINISHED! *visit October 17, 2014 
Albrecht's Metal in A Minor Metal  A Albrecht Lyrics, vocal, lead *visit October 17, 2014 
Juggernaut Alt. Rock Antonio Coragem Lyrics, vocals, Guitars Any other input *visit October 15, 2014 
Victim-Less Crime Folk  Dustin Thomas Development *visit October 15, 2014 
That's What Being in Love Means Pop/Rock  Freddy & April Final mixing & mastering *visit October 11, 2014 
Cutting Past Ballad LSH Development *visit October 4, 2014 
My Home Town Pop  Danlb Young & Domenic Mercurio need some help replacing and adding instruments *visit September 19, 2014 
Are You Out There Pop  Donny & Dom Replace instruments *visit September 19, 2014 
Dance With Me Pop/Rock  Ed & Vlad re-mix, re-master *visit September 19, 2014 
Rock Ballad Song Ballad Jannes Claes I'm looking for a lyricist/vocalist *visit September 15, 2014 
rock song Rock  Jannes Claes looking for a lyricist/vocalist *visit September 14, 2014 
Wind River Classical Piyali Ganguly FINISHED! *visit September 7, 2014 
I Want To Hear It Jazz  Frankie Jazz FINISHED! *visit September 3, 2014 
Edmund Unnamed Project Not listed  Edmund Snyder looking for lyrics, vocals, possibly mixing/production and any other suggestions or recommendations *visit August 21, 2014 
Life After Heartbreak Pop/Rock  Ed Phoenix and Wendy Stephany Lyrics, melody, vocals *visit August 19, 2014 
Dreams Ballad Dom and Danl FINISHED! *visit August 17, 2014 
Just Like Ballad Dom Mercurio Pino and strings *visit August 15, 2014 
No Match For Me Reggae  April Knoll and Fred E. Jam FINISHED! *visit August 14, 2014 
RH Blues Blues Kenny Bruce need vocals, guitar, maybe harmonica, anyone can join in. *visit August 4, 2014 
Friday Night Pop/Rock  Melanie and Freddy (snakefishes) FINISHED! *visit August 2, 2014 
In Another Round Pop  April and Andrew FINISHED! *visit July 20, 2014 
I'm Coming Home Rock  Ed Phoenix Music under his vocal melody *visit July 16, 2014 
Queen Of The Silver Summer Rock  Freddy lyrics, melody, vocals, arrangement, mix/master *visit July 9, 2014 
Rolling Along Blues Joe and Freddy Add more parts *visit June 23, 2014 
My Charred Life Alt. Rock Freddy lyrics, vocals, arrangement *visit May 29, 2014 
A Beautiful Journey Folk  Carola Batt-Michels FINISHED! *visit May 21, 2014 
Come Along With me Rock  Dan and MarryAnn Band *visit May 20, 2014 
Fresh and Cool  Jazz (Latin) Freddy lyrics, vocals *visit May 13, 2014 
Politicians Say Rock  Terry Pearson FINISHED! *visit May 9, 2014 
Fine Lines Jazz  Laurie Holden & FLY FINISHED! *visit May 7, 2014 
Be My Girl Ballad Dave & April FINISHED! *visit May 6, 2014 
SNV@Fred Dance Saran Headman Vocals, & sax *visit May 6, 2014 
Cabaret Classical Keeper Lyrics/vocals *visit May 2, 2014 
The Game Orchestral Rock  Freddy April and Ed Vocal *visit April 15, 2014 
All The Guns Rock  Rob and Tim Development *visit April 15, 2014 
I Must Be Drunk  Country Tim and April development *visit April 13, 2014 
One Way Ticket To Mars Ballad Dom & Danlb FINISHED! *visit April 12, 2014 
Eternal Love Acoustic Marlie Arcellia FINISHED *visit April 10, 2014 
Farmer's Tan  Country Tim Sharp, April Knoll Development *visit April 8, 2014 
Tickle My Soul  Country Tim Sharp looking to maybe redoing the whole thing and open to anything *visit April 7, 2014 
Untitled Rock  Tim Sharp Lyrics, vocals *visit April 5, 2014 
Make Me Real Rock  Tim Sharp Lyrics and vocals {maybe drums?} *visit April 5, 2014 
One Shoe Rock  Tim Sharp needs everything *visit April 4, 2014 
Ultitled2 Rock  Tim Sharp needs lyrics and vocals *visit April 4, 2014 
Distance Rock  Freddy Lyrics, vocals, arrangement *visit April 3, 2014 
I Will Not Ever Run Rock  Neil Swanson Lyrics, vocals *visit April 3, 2014 
You're In Love Rock  David and April FINISHED! *visit March 31, 2014 
Daddy's Love Jazz  Danlb and Domenic FINISHED! *visit March 28, 2014 
Trading blood for gasoline  HipHop  Biagio Lobascio Vocals, Lyrics, Rap vocals *visit March 23, 2014 
Chuck Says Rock  Keeper Melody, vocals, lyrics, arrangement *visit March 21, 2014 
Song for you Not listed  Biagio Lobascio Drums *visit March 20, 2014 
Moon Lit Ride Downtempo Danl and Brad Instrumentals & Vocals *visit March 20, 2014 
Sea of the Lost Alt. Rock Shane Burke Mix Master? *visit March 15, 2014 
Reggae Day Reggae  Domenic Drums, Arrangement *visit March 15, 2014 
Dreaming Together Pop  Danlb Young /Cornelia Echevarria  Music bed/arrangement *visit March 14, 2014 
Free Wind R&B/Soul DSP LEAD GTAR MALE CLUB LYRICS *visit March 12, 2014 
Flying In My Dreams Jazz  Danl B FINISHED! *visit March 10, 2014 
Maybe Next Time Around Ballad Keeper Lyrics, and vocal arrangement *visit March 10, 2014 
A Lonely Night Ballad Danlb Full band sound or new original collaboration *visit March 9, 2014 
Somewhere Above The Blues Blues Franck Szypura and Danlb Young Add instrumentals & vocals *visit March 7, 2014 
A Call To The Spring Not listed  Dan Young Total re-work *visit March 4, 2014 
Dead Roads Alt. Rock MartynAndrewPRice vocal/lyrics *visit March 3, 2014 
Last Trip Together Folk  Fernando Gonzalo Production *visit March 3, 2014 
Mechanical Dogs Alt. Rock MartynAndrewPRice vocal/lyrics *visit March 3, 2014 
Possum Juice Not listed  Danlb open for new original collaborations in your style / genre or add to this *visit March 2, 2014 
A Little Alien In Us All Ballad Danlb Young Development *visit February 27, 2014 
Sentimental Blues Rock  Avi Rosenfeld Drums, bass, development *visit February 27, 2014 
Will You Be There? Pop  Danlb Young /Cornelia Echevarria  Music bed/arrangement *visit February 26, 2014 
JazzyJazz Loosing Control (RnB) Project R&B/Soul Jazz & Danlb Vocals *visit February 26, 2014 
The Unveiling  Country April, Freddy and Doug Vocals, and arrangement *visit February 25, 2014 
Blue Southern Belle Eyes  Country Dom Looking to fill the lead *visit February 23, 2014 
Hip pop (needs a name) Pop  Dom lyrics and real instruments *visit February 17, 2014 
Resonator Blues Keeper Development *visit February 10, 2014 
Pop Waltz Starter track (keys) Pop  Freddy Anything you want *visit February 10, 2014 
Quiet Man Folk  Sylkay Backing *visit January 24, 2014 
Have A Heart Pop  Sylkay Backing *visit January 7, 2014 
Michael's Melody Rock (Acoustic)  Michael Stone Drums,Bass,Guit,Keys *visit December 24, 2013 
Wide Open Spaces Fusion William Playle FINISHED! *visit December 22, 2013 
The River Jam Blues Peter Bowen Mix/master *visit December 12, 2013 
Examiner Jazz  Freddy and Timo We have bass and drums, so more instruments.  *visit December 5, 2013 
No Worries Folk  April & Freddy Arrangement *visit December 4, 2013 
Another String Pop/Rock  Sylkay KSB Finished! *visit December 1, 2013 
Metalhead Metal  James D (Phathom) Bass guitar *visit November 22, 2013 
Extemporization Funk Funk - Soul Freddy & Dexter FINISHED! *visit November 11, 2013 
Acid  Electronic Rock  Antonio Coragem Everything and anything *visit October 5, 2013 
Out to the Fringe Rock  Nacho De la Rosa & Julie Day FINISHED! *visit September 27, 2013 
Bringing Me Back Home Pop/Rock  Freddy FINISHED! *visit September 2, 2013 
I Don't Need You So Alt. Rock Nacho & Berto De la Rosa Curtain Call development *visit August 31, 2013 
Shining Fusion DSP Lead, Rhythm, Lyrics, vocals *visit August 31, 2013 
6. My Frozen Heart  Metal  Shade Frost Development for album *visit August 29, 2013 
7. So Wrong About Me Metal  Shade Frost Development for album *visit August 29, 2013 
3. They Will Let You Drown  Metal  Shade Frost Development for album *visit August 29, 2013 
8. Broken Window Metal  Shade Frost Development for album *visit August 29, 2013 
11. 13  Metal  Shade Frost Development for album *visit August 29, 2013 
1. Hello, My Name Is Shade  Metal  Shade Frost Development for album *visit August 29, 2013 
10. Rotten To The Core Metal  Shade Frost Development for album *visit August 29, 2013 
Redefining-humanity-full-album Metal  Shade Frost develop 11 songs seeking roster *visit August 29, 2013 
5. After Effects Metal  Shade Frost Development for album *visit August 29, 2013 
9. Breathing Ashes Metal  Shade Frost Development for album *visit August 29, 2013 
4. Charismare  Metal  Shade Frost Development for album *visit August 29, 2013 
2. My Hate (It All Belongs To You)  Metal  Shade Frost Development for album *visit August 29, 2013 
Lights Are On Folk  Donny Nardi Music for the vocal melody *visit August 25, 2013 
All Hallows Eve (Ghosts In The Graveyard) Rock (Progressive)  Freddy and Ed FINISHED! *visit August 19, 2013 
Mother Of Muse Pop  DSP  add lyrics and what else comes to mind *visit August 12, 2013 
Checking You Out R&B/Soul DSP Studios Female or male RNB type lyrics and voc's Guitar welcome. *visit August 12, 2013 
Just Where We Belong Ballad Bobby Watson FINISHED! *visit August 8, 2013 
Sad Sad Sad Songs (Lyrics Only) Lyrics Only Donny Nardi Music bed and vocals *visit August 8, 2013 
Should've Listened To Mamma (Lyrics only) Blues Donny Nardi Lyrics need music bed and also a vocalist *visit August 8, 2013 
Til The Good Lord Calls  Country Freddy, Noel, Ed Lyrics, vocals, arrangement *visit August 8, 2013 
Arresta il sistema HipHop  Andrea Jecks Lorenzi Rapper, lyrics *visit August 3, 2013 
Latin Jam Latin  Jecks Melody, guitar, keys *visit August 2, 2013 
Voice Of A dreamer Pop  Topaz Music/production *visit August 1, 2013 
Coffee Shop On Main Rock (Soft)  April Knoll and Nick Madsen FINISHED! *visit August 1, 2013 
Leah Folk  Sylkay KSB  *visit July 30, 2013 
Madly In Love Rock  Don Buck FINISHED! *visit July 26, 2013 
Midnight Train Blues Donny Nardi Music Bed *visit July 26, 2013 
Unfortunate Man Swing Dom Sax lead *visit July 25, 2013 
The Winter Pop/Rock  FLY FINISHED! *visit July 22, 2013 
Excellent Groove Funk - Soul Mike Huntingford Rythm guitar *visit July 21, 2013 
A Bump In The Road Blues/Funk April and Billy Vox, drums, gtr, etc.  *visit July 17, 2013 
Jenny R&B/Soul Sam Dixon FINISHED! *visit July 14, 2013 
Covered In Time Folk  Slykay KSB FINISHED! *visit July 5, 2013 
The Coming Pop  Domenic Mercurio FINISHED! *visit July 4, 2013 
The Waterfront Jazz  Domenic M Development, Lyrics *visit June 30, 2013 
New Jazz Tune Jazz  Dom Guitar *visit June 22, 2013 
Stepping Away Pop  Dom and Andy FINISHED! *visit June 21, 2013 
I Wasn't Lookin' For Love Rock  April and Earl Vocals *visit June 20, 2013 
Gary's Song Rock  Gary Drums *visit June 11, 2013 
Now's Too Soon Pop  April and Billy Vocals *visit June 10, 2013 
Junket Jazz  Keeper Vocals, arrangement *visit May 29, 2013 
Hype HipHop  Aria Gracefield Rapper needed *visit May 26, 2013 
Girl You Doll Up Nice Funk - Soul S.C. Johnson Development *visit May 26, 2013 
That's How You Tell It Rock (Funk)  Sax Fiveman Lead and Background vocals; guitar fills and solos *visit May 26, 2013 
Lovers Need Lovers Folk Blues Chris Perkins Vocals, arrangement *Visit May 25, 2013 
Moon Duster Jazz  Keeper A couple more changes, and maybe some solos. *visit May 25, 2013 
Silent Viper Rock rattlehed & April Knoll rework *visit May 23, 2013 
Evening Sun Samba OlivBee brushes ? or maybe just percs  *visit May 17, 2013 
Fantazy Pop  Mohamad Zanbouah SOLO AND CHORDS GIUTAR PLAYER, BASS.G PLAYER, PIANO PLAYER, CONGA-Percussion *visit May 8, 2013 
Errer Dance F-uki Lyrics / vocals *visit May 6, 2013 
MAYBE YOU WILL Blues Keeper FINISHED! *visit May 5, 2013 
Testing New Waters Latin Domenic Mercurio Drums *visit April 22, 2013 
It was your man that was bad Not listed Johnny Gray Blues leads *visit April 20, 2013 
Can't You Hear My Cries Blues Johnny Gray Leads *visit April 20, 2013 
Raunchy video documentary Not listed Ashley Cowan Soundtrack, lyrics, video shoot/editing *visit April 16, 2013 
I Don't Want To Play This Game Pop  P-Tar Drums *visit April 6, 2013 
Blues Funk Blues/Funk Freddy More instruments *visit March 29, 2013 
One Lonely Flame Jazz LsH FLY development *visit March 6, 2013 
Jazz Fusion 1 Not listed David Lee *visit March 6, 2013 
Progressive Fusion Jam Progressive Rock/Funk Jim Seekford Bass, drums, keys *visit March 3, 2013 
Time Is Running Out R&B/Soul Aria Gracefield New music for the vocal? New composition *visit March 2, 2013 
Daisy Chain Rock (Progressive) Jim Seekford add to it in any way they want *visit February 9, 2013 
Fusion Rock (Progressive) OF Leads *vision February 9, 2013 
Vision Rock Finkledink / Egodays FINISHED! *visit February 8, 2013 
Pudeur2 Alt. Rock OliVBee , Marmotte  Drums *visit February 4, 2013 
Star Of Love Rock Wendy Stefany Arrangement *visit February 4, 2013 
6961 Rock Glenn P & Keeper FINISHED! *visit January 24, 2013 
My Little Secret Ballad Nick Madsen, Nacho De la Rosa FINISHED! *visit January 18, 2013 
RTL Jazz Freddy & Mike Crunch guitar(?) mix/master *visit January 16, 2013 
Alarmed Rock (Progressive) Jim Seekford Bass, Drums and Keys *visit January 5, 2013 
If Only We Could Orchestral Rock Yves, Laurie (FLY) FINISHED! *visit January 2, 2013 
Remembering To Laugh Funk - Soul Keeper Lyrics, vocals, arrangement, leads *visit December 31, 2012 
12-31-12-idea Pop/Rock Tony Sawyer Development, Arrangement, Lyrics, Vocals *visit December 31, 2012 
Why Do I Love You Ballad Sax Fiveman Needs lyrics, female vocalist, piano background on verses..possibly guitar or piano solo at end *visit December 27, 2012 
Cry To Heaven Dance John Herote Male vocal *visit December 22, 2012 
Deck The Halls Holiday Public Domain Vocals *visit December 10, 2012 
My Little One Pop  Yves Development *visit December 1, 2012 
Antique Store Pop  John Herote, Susan Raines & Donovane van Dyk FINISHED! *visit November 29, 2012 
Love Is The Answer Pop  Deb Miller Accompanyment *visit November 28, 2012 
evening raaga Rock Chad Campsey lyrics, vocals *visit November 20, 2012 
Foolish Pride Country Thomas W. Peterson Backing Vocals *visit November 13, 2012 
Separate Ways Ballad Ozzy Music arrangement for vocal melody, lyric help *visit November 6, 2012 
Open Me Your Heart (Duet) Pop  Franzisca Guedel & Steve Dunster Vocals, Instruments, Arrangement *visit November 1, 2012 
Endless Summer Ballad Nick Madsen Vocals *visit October 31, 2012 
Dreams Are Worth Gold Pop  Franzisca Guedel & Steve Dunster Vocals, Instruments, Arrangement *visit October 30, 2012 
Remember Country Terry Pearson Drums *visit October 22, 2012 
Song 2 Rock Maurice Vocals & drums *visit October 14, 2012 
Fine Time Needed Rock FLY FINISHED! *visit September 23, 2012 
New Passport Progressive Rock/Funk Jordi Fiol Drums, guitar, vocals *visit August 25, 2012 
Lost Boy Rock S. Raines, D. Robinson and J. Robinson FINISHED!! :) *visit August 22, 2012 
Things Must Change  Jazz The Funge Lyrics/vocals *visit August 17, 2012 
Test run Backing Metal Rochelle Emerson Development *visit August 14, 2012 
The Invisible Chain Rock Opera Symphony 101 Development *visit August 13, 2012 
This Twanged Thing Surfer  Freddy Anything. Wide open to morph *visit August 12, 2012 
A heady night in the lawn seats Blues Chad Campsey lyrics/vocals, other additions *visit August 7, 2012 
Unrequited Love Pop  Songwriterz Muted guitar *visit August 2, 2012 
Remember Folk Dick Langford Drums *visit July 31, 2012 
Lazy Day Serenade Folk Chad Campsey lyrics, vocals, bass, percussion, flute *visit July 30, 2012 
Nameless Rock Chad Campsey bass, keys, lyrics,vocals *visit July 30, 2012 
Trouble Bad Rock Don Buck, John York keys, lyrics, vocals *visit July 25, 2012 
Someplace, Somewhere (The Avalanche Rock Opera) Rock Opera Yves Composition *visit July 25, 2012 
Grit Blues Chad Campsey bass, hammond organ, lyrics, vocals *visit July 23, 2012 
I'm Me (The Avalanche Rock Opera) Rock Opera Baar, Barnett, Langford FINISHED! *visit July 21, 2012 
Midnight Pop  John York Bass Drums, Sax *visit July 17, 2012 
Maybe Blue Jazz Russell Lucas Vocals *visit July 10, 2012 
Try Me Pop  John York Final Mix, Master *visit July 8, 2012 
New Years On Mt. Olympus Pop  LsH FINISHED! *visit July 7, 2012 
What's Goin' Now R&B/Soul Tommy Cole Vocals, leads *visit June 29, 2012 
June 10 Idea Blues Chad Campsey Development *visit June 25, 2012 
Salami Rock (Soft) Russell Lucas Lyrics, M vocals, all that other stuff *Visit June 22, 2012 
Groove 2  Funk Rock Maurice 7 Vocals/leads *visit June 20, 2012 
Groove 1 Elektronika Maurice 7 Voclas, laeds or whatever!  *visit June 20, 2012 
Modern Jazz Starter Drums Jazz Keeper Add to this drum track *visit June 11, 2012 
Song 1 Rock Maurice Vocals, & drums (visit) June 10, 2012 
Rock Off Rock Wim Wever Drums *visit June 9, 2012 
Alchemysteria Metal Peter Veillon Bass, arrangement, keys, lyrics, vocal *visit June 7, 2012 
Maybe Blue Jazz Russell Lucas Vocals *visit June 7, 2012 
Dream Catcher Pop  Russell Lucas Lyrics/vocals, real instruments *visit June 5, 2012 
Knocked Up Your Sidewalk Country Russell Lucas Female & Male lead vocals + harmonies *Visit June 3, 2012 
I Had A Dream Folk Russell Lucas Male Vocalist *visit June 2, 2012 
Toxic Love Rock Maurice & Susan FINISHED! *visit May 26, 2012 
Project 12 Rock DBuck No Lyrics yet .... But all ideas are welcome. *visit May 20, 2012 
Funk Drum Starter Track Funk Rock Keeper Jam on it! *visit May 19, 2012 
Letter To God Rock Julie & Billy FINISHED! *visit May 17, 2012 
Idea A 124 Alt. Rock DBuck Lyrics, Vocals, leads *visit May 13, 2012 
Speak Softly Pop  Gerald Grech (Garni) Vocal *visit May 6, 2012 
Hope Rock leo.roese Guit, Drums, Bass *visit May 6, 2012 
There To Believe Ballad Billy Playle Finished *visit May 6, 2012 
Best Of Friends Not listed Ashley Cowan FINISHED! *visit April 29, 2012 
Thanks For Way Back When Country Don Buck Vocal *visit April 29, 2012 
What Is My Fate Rock Keith Hale guitar track *visit April 20, 2012 
Sunshine Pop  Patty M Development auditions *visit March 29, 2012 
FLY co-write Pop  FLY write more parts then arrangement. *visit March 29, 2012 
The Avalanche (Rock Opera Project) Rock Opera Yves Baar General outline of story, lyrics, additional talent *visit March 28, 2012 
Slip Of The Tongue Pop  Peter Bowen FINISHED! *visit March 25, 2012 
Just To Bea Ballad Laurie Holden, Keeper, Yves FINISHED! *visit March 17, 2012 
Wanderlust Rock (Soft) Yves Baar FINISHED! *visit February 24, 2012 
Iron Cage Rock Mike Noll Guitar/Bass *visit February 17, 2012 
Song 3 Rock Maurice Vocals & drums *visit February 4, 2012 
Song 5 Rock Maurice Vocals & drums *visit February 4, 2012 
The End (Train Home) Rock Neil Hicks FINISHED! *visit February 1, 2012 
Funky Wed Ballad Keeper Lyrics/vocals, arrangement *visit January 30, 2012 
Some Mo Funk Funk Rock Fred E. Jam Melody - either vocal or instrument  *visit January 23, 2012 
It's Better Rock DBuck, Fred Jam, Breakfree FINISHED! *visit January 17, 2012 
Pull Of Torch Orchestral Rock Yves Baar & Laurie Holden FINISHED! *visit January 3, 2012 
The Great Pretender Rock penizilln-productions Vocals *visit January 1, 2012 
How Long Is Holding On Pop Andy Furlong Guitar, vox retrack, work it up. *visit December 12, 2011 
Don't Pretend Blues Laurie & Freddy FINSIHED! *visit December 12, 2011 
The Band's Back Together Blues Philip Gardner FINISHED! *visit November 30, 2011 
Going Through The Motions Ballad Melsi & Billy FINISHED! *visit November 26, 2011 
The Battle For Walter Tull Folk Ashley Cowan FINISHED! *visit November 24, 2011 
Waiting For You Orchestral Yves Baar Vocals *visit November 18, 2011 
Jean Charles De Menezes Folk Rock Ashley Cowan FINISHED! *visit November 16, 2011 
Runner Country Zack Lindskog Master *visit November 12, 2011 
Messing With My Heart Blues/Funk Peter Bowen FINISHED! *visit November 6, 2011 
I Love You Rock Rashklaw FINISHED! *visit November 5, 2011 
Golden Coloured Day Folk Philip Gardner FINISHED! *visit November 1, 2011 
Thorns Rock Christine Bayens & Kristine Failla FINISHED! *visit November 1, 2011 
Demetrius Blues/Funk Sammy Dixon FINISHED! *visit November 1, 2011 
A 5th Of July Funk Rock Jay Gretch Drums, vocal melody, lyrics *visit October 19, 2011 
The Way She Looks Rock Jay Gretch Drums/lead *visit October 15, 2011 
You And I Folk Rock Jay Gretch & Woddy T Duet, drums *visit October 10, 2011 
Age of Hostility Alt. Rock Ashley Cowan FINISHED! *visit September 24, 2011 
A Matter Of time Rock Ashley Cowan FINISHED! *visit September 17, 2011 
The Lighter Side Of Pain Country Zack Lindskog Backing & accompanyment, leads *visit September 11, 2011 
I Cry Rock Shizack Rebuild from the ground up. Guitars *visit September 6, 2011 
Born With My Boots On Blues Zack Lindskog paino, harmonica *visit September 4, 2011 
By The Water Rock Greg Morse FINISHED! *visit September 3, 2011 
Hammer Down Rock Jay Gretch Drums *visit September 2, 2011 
Change Of Season Pop Fred Rucker FINISHED! *visit September 1, 2011 
The Kids Are Alone Alt. Rock Edward Berriman FINISHED! *visit August 30, 2011 
Maddi May Rock Jay Gretch Production *visit August 26, 2011 
I Don't Care Pop Xperience J Vocal auditions. *visit August 22, 2011 
Human Light Rock John L/Tom G Drums, bass, keys *visit August 6, 2011 
Love's Got No Boundries Reggae Soundhound Lyrics/vocal auditions *viait August 3, 2011 
Time to fly Rock Jeremy Reynolds & Fred Rucker Lyrics and Vocals *visit August 3, 2011 
With Regrets Jazz Lester Long Lyrics, vocal melody, and redo sax *visit August 3, 2011 
The Eyes Of A Child Pop Laurie Holden FINISHED! *visit July 12, 2011 
Lonesome Luke Pop Terry Pearson FINISHED! *visit July 6, 2011 
Walk Away Folk Greg Mosre Drums, bass, keys? *visit June 27, 2011 
Love Suicide Rock Lisa Bennett, Angel, Keeper Laurie will re-sing *visit June 12, 2011 
Letter Full Of Love Alt. Rock  Steve and Anne FINISHED! *visit June 3, 2011 
Rose Alt. Rock toaki Drums, vocal *visit May 29, 2011 
Harvard or Yale Punk/Ska Julian Sims FINISHED! *visit May 25, 2011 
Ain't That Strange Rock Stephen Robb/John Carlin FINISHED! *visit May 25, 2011 
Smoker's Blues Rock CAB Drums, bass, guitar *visit May 24, 2011 
Resemblance Funk Sammy Dix & Julian Simms Mix/master *visit May 22, 2011 
MDESTINY/blues Blues MDESTINY Lyrics/vocals *visit May 19, 2011 
Please Come Back To Stay Pop Peter Bowen FINISHED! *visit May 15, 2011 
Overflow Country Terry Pearson FINISHED! *visit May 14, 2011 
Swim In Your Hair Pop Laura Holden FINISHED! *visit May 9, 2011 
Leo's Blues Blues leo.roese Bass, drums, keys, leads, lyrics, vocals, arrangement *visit May 5, 2011 
Karma Ride Progressive Sigmund/Gaylen Drums *visit April 25, 2011 
My Song Rock CAB Total rework *visit April 22, 2011 
Call Me Blues Peter Bowen Harmonica *visit April 7, 2011 
The Top Of My Game Pop Keeper/Peter B. Finished *visit March 21, 2011 
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