A) The purpose is that we are trying to make a simple scenario of the Rude Goldberg Machine. The purpose of our 
machine is to demonstrate energy and momentum by starting out with a marble and making it transfer these 
energies and momentums to get the larger marble through the hole and into the cup.


B) The different parts of the device are a gum ball machine, some blocks, a funnel, a tube, some dominoes, one small marble, one large ball bearing, the bottom of a styrofoam cup, and duct tape. The energies used are momentum, kinetic energy, and gravitational potential energy. <><>


C) while the ball is spinning down the gum ball machine and dropping through the tube and the funnel it is using gravitational potential energy, and when the marble runs into the dominoes and they run into the large ball bearing they are using momentum and when the ball rolls down the ramp and through the whole it is using kinetic energy.


D) The only changes we had to constantly keep making was when the marble would hit the first domino and we would have to move the first domino a centimeter back or forward and we finally got it to work properly when we moved it a centimeter back.


E) In the end the marble spun around the gum ball machine dropped own the funnel through the tube down the ramp and knocked down all the dominoes into the ball through the circle and into the cup. The only problems we had with the device was making everything stable and to have the dominoes all fall over. The device is pretty reliable, there were only a few times when it didn=t go according to plan. Over time all the duct tape might wear out a bit and become less sticky making the objects its holding down more subject to move and be un-sturdy.


F) the challenges we had to face was making the marble go straight down the ramp as it dropped out of the tube and making sure the first domino fell over and hit the other dominos and the ball going through the circle and landing in the cup. The successes we had was the whole project working in the end of it all. I liked how we had to come up with something creative to make this work and see how it would all come out in the end. There=s nothing you could really change about the project it was all pretty basic rules. I thought this was a pretty fun project to do with my friends. We had a lot of fun times putting it together and trying new things to get it to work. At times it was a little frustrating to get it to work right and how time consuming it actually was.