Lake Sacalaia

Lake Sacalaia is called "Pike Lake " because of the many large specimen pike caught there. There are also other specimen fish such as Perch.

Sacalaia Lake is a nature reserve. Due to dense vegetation anglers can not fish from the shore but the boat. 

The water is quite deep, even the shore and the maximum depth is 18m.

 Special Facilities: Fishing Boat provided.

*Fishing is permitted in any lake or river of Transilvania, year round, except from April 1 until May 31.

*( In the Pike lake there is one further restriction. In the autumn when the temperature of the water drops suddenly local tradition refers to local sulphur breathing monsters. All the fish in the lake rise to the surface for a few days, gasping for oxygen and there is a strong smell of sulphur, no fishing is permitted during this unique annual occurrence, but many come just to see the huge fish jumping out of the water for air.

Lake Sacalaia "Pike Lake"