Fishing in Fizes ("feezesh") "The Transilvanian Lake District"

 Seven day all inclusive angling holidays for up to four anglers in the most beautiful fishing area in Eastern Europe, The Fizes Valley known to the British locals as "The Lake District" is also nicknamed by locals as the "Transilvanian Delta"  because it has so many and such large species that are usually found in a large Delta, such as the Danube at the Black sea.
Fishing in the Fizesh Valley is managed by AJPS Cluj.

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Fishing in the Fizes Basin of Transilvania

designed for one to four anglers for stays of one or more weeks Sunday to Saturday.

- you don't need a car, you don't need to drive Everything is included.
Beautiful hills lakes trees and the river.
Fish are plentiful.

The weather is so good, rarely too hot. there is real snow in winter, but from early spring to late autumn most Englishmen wear T shirts.
All your meals, including packed lunches provided.
All transport to and from fishing venues provided with your local driver.
All local fishing permits included.
your flight from London Luton booked and paid for INCLUDED (including coach from central London if required) (travelling from outside England? phone or email for real deals) and collection to and from Cluj airport.

All inclusive price £555 per person per week. (based on four anglers in two rooms)

Or, everything above except flights and airport taxi £335 per person per week (based on four anglers in two rooms)

Or drive here yourself and have a no-frills deal ~ just £120 p/p for the rooms and the fishing (based on four anglers in two rooms)

Check available weeks and Book here.

*Fishing is permitted in any lake or river of Transilvania, year round, except from April 1 until May 31.

Just in case ~ Self defense in Transilvania.
Holy water is freely available in large stainless steel containers outside large churches and monasteries.
Latin bibles and crucifixes are sold in many shops.
Garlic can easily be bought anywhere in large quantities.
For obvious reasons, many of the local houses have full size crucifixes outside, facing the road by the gate.
Taxi drivers usually have handy a collection of crucifixes hanging from suckers on their windscreen
Hammers and wooden stakes are easy to obtain from local stores.
*( In the Pike lake there is one further restriction. In the autumn when the temperature of the water drops suddenly local tradition refers to local sulphur breathing monsters. All the fish in the lake rise to the surface for a few days, gasping for oxygen and there is a strong smell of sulphur, no fishing is permitted during this unique annual occurrence, but many come just to see the huge fish jumping out of the water for air.

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