Engine wiring harness rebuild for 1992-1995 S and E class and some C class Mercedes vehicles



As we all know, all 1992 to 1995 S-class and 1992-1996 E-class vehicles have 2 major problems: 1st- flaking insulation on main engine wiring harness, wires short and cause all kinds of electrical issues, 2nd-leaking A/C evaporator whose replacement requires dashboard removal. Some C-class vehicles also have flaking wiring harness insulation.

1st problem is not only inconvenient but also dangerous. When insulation shorts engine can shut off and might not restart. That happened to me on intersections twice and once on the highway. I’m sure you don’t want to be stalled in the middle of intersection with cars approaching. What I’m offering is your bad wiring harness rebuild.


When I bought 1992 500SEL it was in non-driving state. I bought it cheap to restore as body and interior were in pristine condition. One of many problems on that car was shorting wiring harness. Dealer wanted over $900 for it. I believe it’s unreasonable overpriced and, unfortunately, there are no aftermarket replacements. I did full wiring harness rebuild on my 1992 500SEL and partial rebuild on 1996 E320. I run new wires from main plug all the way to consumers- fuel injectors, engine temperature sensors, camshaft advancers, crankshaft position sensor, etc. I used heat resistant wiring, soldering and heat shrinking tubing, electrical tape, and some epoxy glue. The job was very labor extensive and took me around 8 hours. Finished harness didn’t look like factory replacement but it worked without any flaws saving me lots of money. Some plugs could no be saved as plastic was very brittle. I used metal contacts and soldered new wires directly to them. I had that harness on the car for more than a year and it never gave me any problems or “check engine” lights. I sold the car and other owner never had any issues with it as well.


If your car engine stalls or doesn’t start, “check engine” and “ASR” lights come on, throttle doesn’t respond, lots of trouble codes stored in computer memory, wiring harness insulation falls apart, your mechanic tells you to replace wiring harness give me a call and I can save you money with harness rebuild as oppose to paying tons of money to dealer for new harness.


Pricing depends on make and model. V8 motors and more expensive as they have more wires to replace as oppose to 4 cylinder engines. Average cost is around $350 plus shipping. Some harnesses are over $1000 at the dealer. Accurate quote is provided after you send me your vehicle year and model. After the quote you can mail me your harness and I will get to work as soon as I receive it. Turn around time is around 1 week depending on your location. And if you’re local you can bring your car to me and I will remove the harness, rebuild it, and install it back into your car for a small fee. I’m at Brooklyn,NY 11204.


Please contact me with any questions you have.


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Victor at www.RestoreYourMercedes.com