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Who Are We

Fill the Topeka Dam was started by David Greene, Laura Menees Moore, Scott Mansker and Stephanie Brown.

Ryan swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco in the Alcatraz Triathlon.
We started this page after the loss of our friend Ryan Moore to a kayaking accident at this dam on July 15th. Ryan was a respected physician at St. Francis Medical Center in Topeka and regarded by his colleagues as a rising star.  Ryan was a cherished son and brother.  He was a loving husband and father whose life and world revolved around his wife, daughter and family. He was also an incredibly likable guy, funny and an amazing friend. Ryan was an avid boater, paddler, runner and swimmer as well as an Eagle Scout. Ryan was always game for fun and adventure. 

Laura Menees Moore is Ryan Moore’s wife. Laura is very proactive and supportive of our page as a loving tribute to her husband. She has shown admirable strength and it is very important to her that no other family has to suffer the loss that the family of Ryan Moore has suffered. Laura is very devoted to this cause and works very closely  us to reach our goals.

David Greene became close friends with Ryan when they worked together in a local emergency room. Over the years they became close buds and have run many marathons together and traveled on many kayaking adventures together. They had many running jokes, and were always making bets and razzing each other to do bigger and better races. 
Sunse Kayaking photo by David Greene

Stephanie Brown has known Ryan for several years through David.  Stephanie has created the Facebook page and this website and works to promote awareness in the community and gain support.  She is also currently working to get t-shirts and stickers available.

Scott Mansker is our river guy. Scott is the organizer of river races, an avid boater and paddler and is one of the founders of Rivermiles.  Scott came to know Ryan when Ryan signed up for the Kawnivore River Race this summer. Ryan’s accident was a devastating loss to the paddling community and Scott became very proactive in joining us to fill this dam, something that he has wanted to have filled for some time. We are very grateful for the time and effort that Scott has invested in our project and our shared dream.

David and Scott have been working closely with Mike Calwell of Friends of the Kaw. A lot of research has been done and continues to be done and we are compiling the information that we would like to take to the city of Topeka. David has been doing a lot of research and making contacts.  We would like to create a water feature similar to the one that they have been able to create in Charles City, Iowa and have a trip to see their park planned.  Our ultimate goal is to work with the city to come up with a solution to benefit all and dream of creating a park and a feature that will bring tourism to the area. This has taken off quickly, and we are still gathering and compiling our information and will make updates as we come to milestones in our effort.

We also want to be sure to remember the families of the two paddlers Joshua Bryant and Richard Heyroth who were lost to this dam in 2007. We offer our hearts, our hands and our support to those families.