Our Mission

  1. To document the growing list of abandoned and/or decaying properties in Sandy Hill which are clearly not being maintained to City by-law enforced property standards
  2. To continue meeting with City Officials to achieve better compliance to the existing property standards bylaws
  3. To foster initiatives to reduce the number of properties in this condition such as new by-laws to give the municipality increased powers to compel negligent property owners to maintain and restore their buildings.

This site has been established to catalog in a single place a list of abandoned and decaying properties in Sandy Hill.  The City of Ottawa has limited powers to force these property owners to restore these buildings to use or to compel owners to sell these properties to someone more motivated to put these properties to use.

Many of these owners intentionally allow these buildings to decay, leaving windows or holes in the roof open to accelerate this process with the hope that fire and safety officials will mandate the buildings be demolished for safety reasons.  This practice is especially prevalent for heritage buildings and/or heritage districts where properties have special protections against demolition.

In the meantime, there is at least a property standards by-law which sets minimum standards to which properties should be maintained. It has been our experience that the City has been ineffective at applying these by-laws particularly to these abandoned and decaying properties.