About the Book


Fixing Broken Cities is about the planning, execution, and impact of investment strategies designed to improve postindustrial urban downtowns and neighborhoods. The central focus of this book is how to implement--how to achieve transformative change in highly distressed urban areas. Many good ideas for remaking and redefining older cities have been proposed over the years. However, even the best of these ideas will not make a difference without an awareness of where to begin and what to do.


Author John Kromer has a decades-long track record of success in implementing downtown and neighborhood reinvestment strategies in cities that are disinvested, depopulated, and cash-starved. This experience has given him in-depth knowledge of how to overcome some of the greatest challenges confronting these places. Each chapter addresses a major concern, such as enlivening the downtown area, stabilizing and strengthening neighborhoods, eliminating industrial-age blight, and providing quality public education options. Knowledge gained through an understanding of Kromer’s experiences and insights can help guide the planning and execution of strategies for addressing these concerns and repositioning urban areas for future success.


Fixing Broken Cities provides a wealth of information, inspiration, and cautionary advice for readers interested in housing, economic development and human capital development in cities.