Perl Code:

Disclaimer, Copyright, and License

I am not an expert, in Perl or anything else for that matter.  I make no claim that anything demonstrated here is the correct, proper, or right way to do it, or anything else.  No warranty is implied, no support is offered, and no copyright is retained for the actual Perl Code.  If you're silly enough to use this code then it's entirely at your own risk.  I am totally irresponsible,  err... I mean, not responsible...

I am currently learning Perl; I've been doing this, on and off, for about 7 years.  I use Perl to do my job, as a Windows system administrator, because I often need to manage accounts and rip apart text files.  I eventually became fed up with the limitations of batch files and set off to pick a programming language that better met my needs.  Perl was not my first choice; I actually chose VB.  But, life is what happens while you're making plans.  Through an odd set of circumstances, I ended up with a bunch of really, really badly written Perl scripts dumped in my lap by a departing co-worker.  So, I HAD to learn Perl, and I'm glad.  Perl is an amazing, powerful, and quick programming tool that is very well suited to administrative tasks.  However, it is not the easiest programming language to learn.

I learn best by example and, when trying to learn a new programming language, I usually build up sets of example files that demonstrate the various tasks I need to do.  I start with the basics, and work my way up from there.  The Perl files I'm posting here are the result of this.  As such, please be aware that they encompase all that I know about Perl, from very basic baby steps, and miss-steps, up to creating modules.  These posts are not intended to be an online course in Perl programming.  The intent is to create a collection of examples that someone can use to quickly accomplish a task in Perl.  So, if you know how to program but don't know Perl, find an example file that does what you need and see how the syntax looks.  You should be able to figure it out from there.  If you can't, well, take a course - don't ask me.  There are lots of Perl tutorial sites on the web, this isn't one of them.