1. Is it good for self defence?
    Five Pattern Hung Kuen is ideal for self defence. That's what this martial art is intended for! It isn't about scoring points or impressive-looking high kicks, it's just about protecting yourself by whatever means necessary.
  2. Do I need to be really fit?
    No. We don't expect new members to be fit when they first join and our warm up exercises will help you shape up. It is more important to learn to use your individual strengths than to waste time worrying that you can't touch your toes or that you have wimpy arms.
  3. Is it suitable for women?
    Very few women have ever graded in Five Pattern Hung Kuen, but those who have made it think that this is the best martial art they've ever tried! The emphasis is on accuracy and timing rather than brute strength, which suits women very well. If you want to train with us long term, you will need to invest in a chest-guard but we can help you find one.
  4. What should I wear/bring with me?
    Wear loose comfortable clothing. Don't wear your best clothes in case they get ripped. It's a good idea to bring some water to drink and a small towel to mop up sweat!
  5. What does a typical training session consist of?
    A set of exercises to warm up, followed by drills to practise basic stances, punches and blocks. The majority of the lesson is spent practising techniques in pairs or small groups. Once the basic technique has been mastered, students are encouraged to think up their own variants and applications. To finish we might do some patterns (a bit like kata), or occasionally some sparring.