Games for fiveminute breaks!


Windows Vista TI-83 plus/TI 84 plus edition

Ode to a friend


Tower defence

Yathzee for the TI-83/84 (plus) calculator

Analogue clock for the TI-84 

Cards (game for the TI claculator)


At this point of time I do not have time for working on this website, due to exams coming up. Information might not have been updated in the past few months.

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  •  The game "cards" has been released
  • Check out the new (bèta) version of vista TI edition! A lot of changes have been made, and everything becomes now much more functional. Comes too with a new verswion of word, which is almost done, but can already be used.
  • Flash games are now playable on my website, without need for downloading them first!
  • Curious about the new version of my windows vista program? Have a look at the fiveminute labs page...
  • The final version of the analogue clock is now online!
    • It fixes a small issue, and I compressed the syntax.
  • For those of you that do not have flash player yet:
    • I have put for you a link at the right so you can download it!

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Fiveminute labs