Alexander Sutherland, 1st Lord Duffus
Alexander Sutherland, 3rd of Duffus
Alexander Sutherland, 3rd of Wester
Alexander Sutherland, 7th of Forse
Alexander Sutherland, 8th of Duffus
Alexander Sutherland, 9th of Forse
Alexander Sutherland of Strabrock
Angus Sutherland, of Torboll
Benjamin Sutherland Dunbar, 5th Lord Duffus
Donald Sutherland, 8th of Forse
Elizabeth, Countess of Sutherland
Eric Sutherland, 4th Lord Duffus
Esther Sutherland, 3rd of Langwell
George Sinclair Sutherland, 5th of Brabster
George Sutherland, 11th of Forse
George Sutherland, 12th of Forse
George Sutherland, 14th of Forse
George Sutherland, 17th of Forse
Henry Sutherland of Torboll
Hugh, son of William
Hugh Sutherland of Torboll
James Dunbar, Baronet, of Hempriggs
James Sinclair Sutherland, 6th of Brabster
James Sutherland, 10th of Forse
James Sutherland, 2nd Lord Duffus
James Sutherland, 2nd of Langwell
James Sutherland, 4th of Langwell
James Sutherland, of Kinminitie
John, 7th Earl of Sutherland
John, 8th Earl of Sutherland
John, 9th Earl of Sutherland
John Campbell Sutherland, 15th of Forse
John, Master of Sutherland
John Sutherland, 13th of Forse
John Sutherland, 16th of Forse
John Sutherland, 2nd of Wester
John Sutherland, 4th of Forse
John Sutherland, of Clyne
John Sutherland, of Rangag
Kenneth, 4th Earl of Sutherland
Kenneth Sutherland, 3rd Lord Duffus
Kenneth Sutherland, of Forse
Nicholas Sutherland, 1st of Duffus
Richard Sutherland, 3rd of Forse
Richard Sutherland, 5th of Forse
Robert, 6th Earl of Sutherland
Robert Sutherland, 5th of Langwell
The Sutherlands
William, 1st Earl of Sutherland
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