Source materials

Source materials used in the production of this site can, largely, be categorised into four groups:

1.  Sources that contain only genealogical information, arranged by family and laid out in pedigree format, e.g. de Villiers-Pama's Oude Kaapsche Familien, the English Visitations, and Baltisches Ritterschaft (in part).

2.  Sources that contain more detailed information about a whole family, e.g. The Complete Peerage, The Scots Peerage, and Ikonnikov.

3.  Sources that contain other types of information in which genealogical notes may appear, e.g. biographical dictionaries, histories of locations and estates, and general texts.

4.  Primary sources, i.e. original documents written by or about the individual during or shortly after the life of a person.

Many of these sources are in languages other than English (contact the editor for recommendations with translations if needed).  Furthermore, it is the hope that we should be able to provide snippets out of these sources where relevant, for which purpose text is made available through several different means depending on the source used.

Accessing source materials:

You may find that a family page has a genealogy where some of the names are links, leading to more information from the sources used for that individual.  This is normal where much of the data is based on type 2 sources or a combination of all source types.

You may find that a family genealogy is in and of itself a direct translation into English or transcription of the original text, if the original source is of type 1 only and no further sources for the family are currently available.

You may find that a family page contains no genealogy, or a very small genealogy of a single family unit, with links to more information.  This is normal if the source material is of types 3 or 4.

What are the sources, then?

Each family surname pages has a section at the bottom referencing the sources used in its construction.  If there are follow-on pages from the genealogy, then each entry contains a source reference for the text.  In addition to this, some sources have been transcribed, or are in the process of being transcribed, in full.  For these, see a list below.


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