*** Part 1 - Early Generations ***

A1. Robert Vaux.
B1. William Vaux, temp. 2 William Rufus.
  • C1. William le Vaux.
    • D1. Sir John Vaux, Knight, 16 H. II.
      • E1. John Vaux, 32 H. II.
        • F1. William le Vaux, temp. K. John.
          • G1. Sir William le Vaux, Knight, temp. H. III.
            • H1. William Vaux, m. Margerly le Vaux, of Tredermayne.
              • I1. John le Vaux, 48 E. III.
                • J1. William le Vaux, 8 Hen. V, m. a daughter of N. N. Browman [bore a chevron between three dolphins].
                  • K1. William le Vaux, 20 Ed. IV, m. Isabel, daughter of N. N. Delamore [bore gules, a cross flory or]. For their issue, see Part 2, below.
                • J2. John le Vaux.
                • J3. Thomas le Vaux.
                • J4. Henry le Vaux, of whom comes Vaux, of Lincolnshire.
            • H2. John le Vaux, of whom comes Vaux of Odiam, in Hampshire.
        • F2. John le Vaux.
        • f3. Thomas le Vaux.
  • C2. Robert le Vaux.
  • C3. Henry le Vaux.
*** Part 2 ***

K1. William le Vaux, m. Isabel Delamore, and had issue:
L1. John Vaux, of Caterline, co. Cumberland, m. 1stly N. N. Crakenthorpe; m. 2ndly Mary, daughter of N. N. Skelton [bore Azure, a fesse between three fleur-de-lis or].
  • M1. *by 1* William Vaux, of Caterline, m. Jane, daughter of N. N. Leybourne.
    • N1. Thomas Vaux, d. without issue.
    • N2. Rowland Vaux, m. Anne, daughter of N. N. Salkeld.
      • O1. William Vaux.
      • O2. Thomas Vaux.
      • O3. Humphrey Vaux.
      • O4. Richard Vaux.
      • O5. John Vaux.
      • O6 to O10. Five daughters, all unmarried.
    • N3. John Vaux.
    • N4. Cuthbert Vaux.
    • N5. Mary Vaux, m. N. N. Senhouse [or Salkeld?].
    • N6. Dorothy Vaux, m. N. N. Senhouse.
  • M2. *by 2* John Vaux, of the Milwyke, co. Cumberland, m. Elizabeth, daughter of William Layton, of Delmayne, co. Cumberland.
    • N1. Ambrose Vaux, d. without issue.
    • N2. Cuthbert Vaux, d. without issue.
    • N3. William Vaux, of Steresby, co. York, kn. 1584, m. Catherine, daughter of Piers Frodingham, of Frodingham Garth, Holderness. He d. without issue.
    • N4. Anne Vaux, m. William Bresbey, of Penrith.
    • N5. Mary Vaux, m. Cuthbert of Maudby, co. Cumberland.
    • N6. Jane Vaux, m. Richard Simpson.
    • N7. Elizabeth Vaux, m. Rowland Holme, of Cumberland.
    • N8. Catherine Vaux, m. Alexander Watson, of Perent, co. Cumberland.
Arms: Quarterly, 1st, or a fess chequy gules and of the field, between three garbs of the second, for Vaux of Caterline; 2nd, gules, a fesse chequy of the field and or, between six garbs of the last, for Vaux of Caterline; 3rd Argent, a bend counter compony or and gules, for Vaux of Tredermayne; 4th, vert, a cross moline or, for Delamore.
Crest: An eagle's head erased sable, gorged with a collar or.

Sources: Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society.