Kenneth Sutherland, 3rd Lord Duffus

Kenneth Sutherland, 3rd Lord Duffus (son of James Sutherland, 2nd Lord Duffus)

Kenneth, third Lord Duffus, succeeded in 1705, but was in the West Indies on the service of the Crown at his father's death, on which account he had an extension of the legal period for entering as heir to the estate. He was a captain in Queen Anne's Navy, and on 29 June 1711, with his own ship alone, a frigate of forty-six guns, he engaged eight French privateers, and after a desperate resistance, was taken prisoner, having received five bullets in his body. He voted for the Union in 1707, but joined the Jacobites in 1715. In our about October of that year he marched into Tain at the head of between four and five hundred men of the Mackenzies, Chisholms, and Macdonalds, and proclaimed the Chevalier of St. George as King James VIII. At the same time he endeavoured to induce the Lairds of Culloden and Kilravock to surrender their houses and arms, but without success. The rebels then marched towards Perth to join the Earl of Mar, but their progress southward was delayed.[1] His estates were forfeited, and he himself went abroad apparently by way of Caithness to Sweden. While there he learned that he was being searched for, and prepared to come home and surrender himself, declaring his intention to the British minister at Stockholm, who notified the English Secretary of State. But on his way to England he was seized by ourder of the British resident at Hamburg, and confined there till the time for surrender was past. He was conveyed a prisoner from Hamburg to the Tower of London, but was liberated without a trial in 1717. Later he entered the Russian naval service. He died before 18 March 1733-34,[2] having married (contract dated 30 March 1708) Charlotta Christina, daughter of Eric Sjöblad, governor of Gottenberg, who survived until 1771.[3] He had issue:--
     1. Eric, who succeeded.
     2. Charlotta, named in 1778 as one of her mother's executors.
     3. Anna, married to Baron and Count Marshal Gustaf Adolph Palbitzki of Sweden. She was named in 1778 as one of her mother's executors.

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