William Dunbar, Baronet, of Hempriggs

William Dunbar, Baronet, of Hempriggs (son of James Dunbar, Baronet, of Hempriggs)

Sir William Dunbar, Baronet, of Hempriggs, who succeeded. He married, first, 6 January 1729, Elizabeth, only daughter and heiress of Alexander Dunbar of Westfield. She died 3 June 1746, with issue. Secondly, 21 March 1747, Jean, daughter of David Sinclair of Southdun. She died 9 August 1749 s.p. And thirdly, 21 October 1749, Henrietta, daughter of Hugh Rose of Kilravock. She died September 1795; issue two sons and three daughters. He died in 1792, leaving issue:--
     1. Kenneth, born 14 October 1729.
     2. James, born 12 November 1730, died young.
     3. Sir Benjamin Sutherland Dunbar, of whom hereafter as sixth Lord Duffus.
     4. Robert Sutherland Dunbar.
     5. Elizabeth, born 3 April 1732.
     6. Margaret, born 26 July 1733.
     7. Grizel, born 1 February 1735.
     8. Christian, born 18 May 1736.
     9. Janet, the only surviving child of first marriage, and heiress of Westfield; married, 26 February 1762, to Thomas Dunbar of Grangehill, who took the designation of Westfield. She died 16 September 1769, aged twenty-seven, and had issue.
     10. Elizabeth.
     11. Alexandrina.
     12. Williamina.

Sources: Balfour Paul, J. (1906) The Scots Peerage, vol. 3. Edinburgh: David Douglas.

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