James Dunbar, Baronet, of Hempriggs

James Dunbar, Baronet, of Hempriggs (son of James Sutherland, 2nd Lord Duffus)

James, who became an advocate 1 February 1704. He is said to have acquired the Duffus estates by bond from his father, and to have obtained the purchase-money on loan from Mr. Archibald Dunbar of Thunderton, and it is added that as he could not refund it, he was obliged to part with the estates to his creditor. This view of the matter appears doubtful, from the fact that James and Kenneth, the second and third Lords Duffus were the parties to the transaction, and Mr. Archibald Dunbar on 20 February 1712 obtained two decrees of adjudication against Kenneth Lord Duffus.[1] He married, after 1704, Elizabeth, only surviving child and heiress of Sir William Dunbar, Bart., of Hempriggs, and relict of Sir Robert Gordon, third baronet of Gordonstoun, and, assuming the surname of Dunbar, was created a Baronet on 10 December 1706. He died before 1739, leaving issue by his wife, who survived him until 11 March 1756, aged seventy-nine, two sons and four daughters:--
     1. Sir William Dunbar, Baronet, of Hempriggs.
     2. James, an officer in the army. He died or was killed in Jamaica in 1742 s.p. His brother was served heir to him in 1760.
     3. Janet, married, first, 1 January 1738, to John Sinclair of Barrock; secondly, to Harry Innes of Borlum and Sandside, with issue by both.
     4. Charlotte, married, 23 December 1731, to William Sinclair of Keiss, and had issue.
     5. Elizabeth, married to her cousin Eric, son of the third Lord Duffus.
     6. Rachel, married to James Sutherland of Langwell, with issue.

[1] Decreets, Dalrymple, at date.

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