John Sutherland, of Clyne

John Sutherland, of Clyne (son of William Sutherland, 9th of Duffus)

John Sutherland, called 'of Clyne,'[1] frequently named with his brothers in local affairs. He had issue, so far as known, as son,
     John, who was his heir on 26 August 1671.[2]. He had issue:--
     i. Patrick, of Clyne, who apparently died s.p.
          ii. James, who was served heir to his father John Sutherland of Clyne, on 30 July 1697;[3] and was also infeft as such in the lands of Clyne-Kirkton in 1704, and in Kilpedder 1705.[4] He had issue:--
               (i) Alexander, who, on 4 August 1726, was served heir-general to his grandfather John Sutherland of Clyne, and in same year, as heir-male and of provision-general to his 'cousin,' the last Alexander Sutherland of Kinminitie.[5] He was killed in 1742 by falling over a stair at Fochabers. He married Mary Sutherland, daughter of Alexander Sutherland of Kinminitie, who survived him. They had issue two sons and several daughters.[6] The only surviving son was James Murray Sutherland of Clyne and Pulrossie, who was in 1756 infeft as heir of his grand-father, James Sutherland of Clyne, and also had a regrant of his lands in 1761,[7] but died s.p. on 9 July 1783, his only surviving sisters Henrietta and Elizabeth being appointed his executors. They were also served heirs-portioners to him and to their father on 14 April 1784.[8].
               (ii) Patrick, in 1745 captain of a company of the Sutherland militia, is described as brother of the late Kinminitie,[9] probably the above-named Alexander, but nothing further has been discovered regarding him.

[1] The generations of the family of Clyne as here given, though all vouched for, do not exactly tally with the retours in 1726 of Alexander Sutherland of Clyne, one generation more being indicated in the retours than has been discovered by evidence.
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