Hugh Sutherland of Torboll

Hugh Sutherland, of Torboll (son of Angus Sutherland, of Torboll)

Hugh, who in 1492 had succeeded to his father, and his two brothers Nicholas and Donald, all then deceased.[1] Little is recorded of him, but he married Agnes McLeod, of what family is not certain, and died before 1525, without surviving male issue.[2] His wife and he had apparently three daughters, of whom only one is on record:--
     Christina, who was named in 1506, in a marriage-contract between her father and mother, and Andrew Kynnard of that Ilk or Skelbo, by which it was arranged that John Kynnard, younger of that Ilk, should marry her, or one of her two sisters.[3] This projected marriage apparently miscarried, and on 4 February 1509-10 she had a charter from King James IV. to herself and John Stewart, her future spouse, of the lands of Torboll.[4] But on 18 May 1514 she was apparently married to David Stewart of the Doill, who at that date gave a bond to her father and mother not to disturb their possession of Pronsy and other lands.[5] On 21 April and 14 May 1562 she and Adam Reid, her husband, entered into a contract with Alexander Sutherland of Duffus, to make up title to her father's lands and resign them in favour of Alexander.[6] She fulfilled her agreement on 28 October of the same yer,[7] and nothing further is recorded of her.

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