Angus Sutherland, of Torboll

Angus Sutherland, of Torboll (son of Alexander Sutherland, 3rd of Duffus)

Angus, who obtained the lands of Torboll. By his wife Christina he had issue three sons:--
     1. Nicholas, to whom in 1472, as son and apparent heir, his father resigned the lands of Torboll, Pronsy, and others.[1] He died s.p., and perhaps v.p.
     2. Donald, who is only known from a reference to him in a precept to his younger brother. He died s.p.
     3. Hugh Sutherland of Torboll.

[1] Sutherland Book, iii. 33, 34.

Sources: Balfour Paul, J. (1906) The Scots Peerage, vol. 3. Edinburgh: David Douglas.

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