Henry Sutherland of Torboll

Henry Sutherland, of Torboll (son of Nicholas Sutherland, 1st of Duffus)

Henry Sutherland, who carried on the line of the family, received, on or about 30 November 1408, from Robert, Earl of Sutherland, the £40 lands of Torboll which Nicholas Sutherland had resigned in the Earl's hands in favour of his youngest son.[1] These lands were evidently accounted a younger son's portion, as John, the elder brother was afterwards Lord of Duffus. Nothing further is recorded of Henry, who does not appear to have been Lord of Duffus, and he died some time before 1434.[2] His wife was Margaret Mureff or Moray, who apparently survived him. On 11 June 1438 an inquest found that Margaret of Mureff, spouse of Henry of Sutherland, late Lord of Torboll, possessed at her death a halfpenny land on the east side of Wick, with houses there, 'abon the sande,[3] held of God and Haly Kirk, and of St. Fergus, patron of Wick.[4] They had issue, so far as known, one son,
     2. Alexander Sutherland, 3nd of Duffus.

[1] According to Sir Robert Gordon in his History of the House of Sutherland. If Mary and Marjorie are the same, she was the widow of John of Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl, who was executed in 1306. If they are not the same, then Gratney, Earl of Mar, had three sisters, though he is usually said to have had only two.
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