William, son of Freskin

William, of Sutherland (son of Freskin)

William, son of Freskin, who under that designation appears on record first as a witness to a charter granted at Perth by King Malcolm IV. in 1160 to Berowald the Fleming of the lands of Innes, in Morayshire.[1] Between 1166 and 1171 he had the grant, already cited, of his father's lands of Duffus, etc. He witnessed a number of royal charters, chiefly those granted at Elgin or elsewhere in his own neighbourhood, though he is also found further afield.[2] He seems to have survived the year 1204, if he were the William Freskeyn who was Sheriff of Invernaryn in that year.[3] He had issue:--
     1. Hugh, who became ancestor of the family of Sutherland.
     2. William, known as William son of William, son of Freskin. He and his brother Hugh frequently appear together as witnesses after 1195.[4] He also, about 1200 or later, assumed the sirname 'de Moravia,' and in a charter about that date refers to Hugh as 'his lord and brother,' which proves the latter's seniority.[5] He was lord of Petty and Bracholy, Boharm and Arteldol, and died before 1226. He is believed to be the ancestor of the Morays of Bothwell.
     3. Andrew, described in a writ of date before 1203 as son of William, son of Freskin, and parson of Duffus.[6] He is also described in a later writ by Hugh Freskin as brother to him and William.[7] He is named in 1221, but it is not certain that he was then alive.[8]

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