James Sutherland, 4th of Langwell

James Sutherland, 4th of Langwell (son of Esther Sutherland, 3rd of Langwell)

James Sutherland of Langwell, "a jovial, hearty man, who liked a glass of good claret at home and abroad, and was exceedingly merry over it," married, in 1738, Rachel, daughter of Sir James and Dame Elizabeth Dunbar of Hempriggs, and had a son and a daughter:--
1. Robert of Langwell.
1. Elizabeth, who married, in 1761, Walter Gray, son of Patrick Gray of Easter Lairg.

William Sinclair of Freswick, writing to Budge of Tofgingall in 1741, mentions that Lord Duffus, Sir William Dunbar, Durran, and Scotscalder, had gone to Thurso East, and that Lady Janet, believing that they had done so, not so much out of kindness "as to get a sett of drink" and to see how political matters were going, made Langwell - who had also arrived at the castle - landlord at dinner (Ulbster being from home), "with orders to make an example of them." These he obeyed punctually, so that some of the party had to be "oxterhanded," or supported from the boat by which they crossed the Thurso river to Bowermadden's house in Thurso, where they lodged.

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