Esther Sutherland, 3rd of Langwell

Esther Sutherland, 3rd of Langwell (son of James Sutherland, 2nd of Langwell)

Esther Sutherland of Langwell was twice married.[contr. 1696] Her first husband was William, son of Donald Budge of Toftingall, by whom she had a son, James. She married thereafter, in 1708, Robert Sutherland of Achastle, immediate younger brother of George, twelfth laird of Forse; and he was after his marriage styled "of Achinarras," in which lands his wife was liferented as the widow of William Budge. She had two sons and two daughters:--
1. James, her successor
2. Major George Sutherland, Midgarty, Sutherlandshire, who had two sons and eight daughters; Lieutenant-Colonel George, 15th Regiment of Foot; Robert; Esther, who married Captain William Sutherland, Shibbercross; Janet, who married John Gray of Jamaica; Jane, who married the Reverend Alexander Sage, Kildonan; Elizabeth, who married Joseph Gordon, Navidale; Charlotte, who married Mr. M'Farquhar of Jamaica; Williamina, who married Robert Baigrie, Midgarty; Roberta, who married Robert Pope, Navidale; and by a second marriage, Janet, who married Kenneth M'Kay, Torball.
1. Margaret, married in 1732 to Alexander M'Kenzie, younger of Ardloch, whose father, John, second of Ardloch, was cousin-german of John, second Earl of Cromarty.
2. Elizabeth, who married Benjamin Williamson, second of Banniskirk.

Sources: Henderson, J. (1884) Caithness Family History. Edinburgh: David Douglas.

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