James Sutherland, 2nd of Langwell

James Sutherland, 2nd of Langwell (son of William M'Ian or Sutherland, 1st of Langwell)

James Sutherland of Langwells, alias "Meikle James," had no less than four wives. In 1669 he married his cousin, Elspeth, daughter of James Sutherland of Forse, and widow of John Sutherland of Ausdale, and she having had hte liferent of this place, James Sutherland was after his marriage designed "of Ausdale." By this marriage he does not seem to have had any issue.
     His second wife was Anne, daughter of Patrick Sinclair of Ulbster, and widow of Francis Sinclair of Stirkoke. By her he had a daughter:--
Esther, afterwards of Langwell.
     His third wife was Elizabeth, daughter of William Sinclair of Dunbeath, by whom he had no family.
     He married, lastly, Anne, daughter of Robert Sinclair of Durran, and by her had two daughters:--
1. Anne, afterwards of Risgill or Swiney.
2. Janet, who married George Sinclair of Brabster. This marriage was the first connection between the Sinclairs of Brabster and the Sutherlands.
     James Sutherland died in 1708, and was succeeded in Langwell by his daughter, Esther; and in Risgill by her sister Anne.

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