William M'Ian or Sutherland, 1st of Langwell

William M'Ian Sutherland, 1st of Langwell (son of John Sutherland, of Rangag)

William Sutherland or M'Ian had several children:--
1. James, his eldest son and successor.
2. Adam, in Langwell, who married Janet, daughter of Donald Henderson, sometime in Sibster, thereafter in Achalibster, and his wife, Elizabeth Sinclair, the grand-daughter of James Sinclair of Borlum and Thura. His eldest son, James, married, in 1703, Beatrice, daughter of James Sinclair of Lybster. His second son was John; and he had a daughter, Esther, who married, in 1716, Benjamin Henderson in Achalibster.
3. David, in Ausdale, the third son of William Sutherland, married twice. By Catharine Polson, his first wife, he had two sons, William, wadsetter of Westerloch, and first of that family, and Angus. These two sons are described as his eldest and second sond by Catharine Polson, in a bond of Provision by their father, dated in 1697, by which he assigns them 2000 merks, part of 4000 merks due to him by his elder brother, James of Langwell. David Sutherland's second wife was Mary Sutherland, of a family of Sutherlands, tacksmen of Latheron. By her he had a daughter, Elizabeth, who married, in 1720, Donald Calder of Strath. One of the witnesses to her contract of marriage was her relative, "Francis Sutherland, fiar of Forse."
4. George Sutherland, in Ausdale and in Braehiglish, is mentioned as the brother of David in Ausdale.
5. Anne, the only daughter of William Sutherland, in so far as is known, married, first, John Innes of Oust, and, secondly, Alexander Calder of Achingale. She had a son, John Innes, to whom his uncle, James Sutherland of Langwell, was tutor-dative, and a daughter, Marion Innes, who was married in 1703, with consent of her mother and her mother's then second husband, to John Calder, son of Alxeander Calder in Winlass. For her tocher she had 2800 merks liferented by her mother, and which was in the hands of James Sutherland of Langwell.

Sources: Henderson, J. (1884) Caithness Family History. Edinburgh: David Douglas.

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