John Sutherland, of Rangag

John Sutherland, of Rangag (son of Alexander Sutherland, 9th of Forse)

Alexander Sutherland, ninth laird of Forse, who succeeded his father in 1602, had a son, John, in Rangag, a township on the estate of Forse. John Sutherland had at least two sons, William and David, of whom the elder seems to have been William, commonly called "M'Ian" (son of John), and in 1660 he and his father were joint tacksmen of Langwell. In 1664 William Sutherland obtained a wadset on Langwell from the Earl of Caithness; in 1691 he got further wadset rights, including therein the lands of Risgill, in favour of himself and his son, James, from Lord Breadalbane; and in the same year they acquired an absolute heritable right to these lands. Thus William M'Ian or Sutherland was the first Sutherland of Langwell.
1. William.
2. David, the second son of John Sutherland in Rangag, is designed "of Langwell," and he may have been a wadsetter of these lands. He seems to have had several children, but we find notice only of his "eldest son," John, who was his executor, and who in 1678 granted an assignation in favour of James Sutherland of Ausdale, his cousin-german, of a bond for 600 merks which had been granted by his grand-uncle, James of Forse, to his "good sir," John in Rangag, and by him assigned to his son, David, the father of John Sutherland.

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