Alexander Sutherland, 9th of Forse

Alexander Sutherland, 9th of Forse (son of Donald Sutherland, 8th of Forse)

Alexander Sutherland of Forse was, in March 1602,[Retour, 1602] served heir-male and of entail to his grand-uncle, William, in the lands of Drummuy, Backies, and Torish, and he seems to have died before 1645.[P. of C., by Earl Marischal, of Forse, 8th November 1594]. He had --
1. James, fiar of Forse, his successor.
2. John, in Rangag, ancestor of the Sutherlands of Langwell.
3. Adam, who is mentioned in a charter to James by his father as "meo filio legitimo."
1. Janet, who married, in 1621, Francis, second son of James Sinclair, first of Murkle, by whom she had a son, James, who died without issue.
2. Elizabeth, who married, in 1643, William Sinclair of Dun, and had no issue.

Sources: Henderson, J. (1884) Caithness Family History. Edinburgh: David Douglas.

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