William Sutherland, 6th of Forse

William Sutherland, 6th of Forse (son of John Sutherland, 4th of Forse)

William Sutherland of Forse married, in 1558, Janet, daughter of William Sinclair of Olrig, and died without issue in May 1564. In September 1563 Queen Mary granted to him and his wife, Janet Sinclair, a charter of lands in the Glen of Dunrobin.

Of William Sinclair of Olrig no other notice is found. The Sinclairs of Olrig, who flourished in the seventeenth century, were of the Mey family, the first of the name having been George, fifth son of Sir James of Canisbay. In 1540, [Legitimation, 1540] and down to 1564, we find William Sinclair, Chaplain, Rector of Olrig, and latterly Vicar of Latheron, a son of Henry Lord Sinclare. There was also, in 1542,[Legitimation, 1542] a William Sinclair, son of William, second Earl of Caithness, but concerning him there are no particulars.

William was succeeded by his brother, Alexander.

Sources: Henderson, J. (1884) Caithness Family History. Edinburgh: David Douglas.

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