Richard Sutherland, 3rd of Forse

Richard Sutherland, 3rd of Forse (son of John Sutherland, 2nd of Forse)

Richard Sutherland of Forse was served heir to his father, John, in 1441, and was infeft in the lands in Sutherland, granted to his grandfather, as appears by an inquest held in 1471, at the Head Court of John, Earl of Sutherland.

On 24th October 1451, Richard Sutherland granted a bond to the Chaplain of St. Andrew's Chapel in Golspie, in the following terms: -

"Be it made kend to all men be yer present Letters Me Richard of Sutherland of Forse to haff giffen and grantyt and be yer present Letters giffis and grantis fourtie shilling of silver of usuall monie of Scotland zherly of annual rent of the mealis of the Toune of Drommy in Sutherland fra me and myn ayris for evermore to ye perpetuall Chaplane of Saint Andrewis Chapell of Golspy als frely quietly peaceably and honorably as ony annualrent is giffyn to ony Kirk or Chappell within the Kynryk of Scotland for and to pray for me and the soulis of my forbearis and successouris forontyn ony agane callying or revocatioune of me or myn ayris and that attour giff it hapnys me or myn ayris to cum to the contrar of ye foresaid gyfft as God forbyde we do I charge ye bishop of Cathness as he wyl answer to Almighty God to curse and to enterdyt me and myn ayris till we cum to full staisfaction and amendyng to Saint ANdrew and to the Chaplane perpetuals of Golspy. In Wytness of ye quhilk thyngis becaus I had no Sele proper of myn awyn I haff procuryt with instaens the Sele of an honorable man Wyllam of Sutherland of Berrydale sone and apparand ayr to Alexander of Sutherland of Duffhous to be set and appendyt to thir letters at Dunrobyn the twenty four day of October the zheir of our Lorde a thousande four hundreth fyfftie and one zheiris before yir witness John Erll of Sutherland Margt Balze his Spous Sir Donald Cormackson, Robert Henryson of Innerboll Thomas Robertson of --- John Park Gillane, Henry of Hillam, John Androwson mare of fier of the Erll of Sutherland and dievress others."

In the "Origines Parochiales" this bond is erroneously stated to have been granted by Robert Sutherland of Forse.

He had a son and heir, John Sutherland, 4th of Forse.

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