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Theodore Roosevelt

Son of Cornelius Van Schaak Roosevelt

     Theodore, b. September 22, 1831, in New York City; merchant. "Glass importer in Maiden Lane, having joined his father's house of Roosevelt & Co. continued in that business until 1876 when he established a banking house. During the war of the Rebellion, he helped raise and equip regiments that went out; he joined in organizing the Union League Club, worked with the Loyal Publicaation Society, assisted in the organization of the sanitary commission and saw to the comfort of the soldiers in the field nad of those left at home. He drafted the bill to establish 'allotment commissions,' which was passed, and was appointed by Presidnet Lincoln one of the commissioners from New York. He assisted in the organizing of the Protective War Claims Association, which collected the dues of crippled veterans and of the families of the dead without charge. It was at Mr. Roosevelt's house that the Soldiers' Employment Bureau was organized. He became the Vice President of the State Charities Aid Association, member of the Board of United Charities and President of the State Board of Charities. He was a founder of the Orthopaedic Hospital in New York City for the treatment of spine and hip diseases. Trustee of the Children's Aid Society. President Hayes appointed him collector of the Port of New York. He devoted much of his fortune to charity contributing large sums to the Newboys' lodging house and the Young Men's Christian Association. Was one of the founders and a Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and of the Museum of Natural History. 'A man of untiring energy, of prodigious industry, the most valiant fighter of his day for the right and the winner of his fights.' He drove a four-in-hand in the Park, sailed a boat, loved the woods, shared in every athletic sport and was the life and soul of every company." (Appleton's Cyclop. of Am. Biog., Vol. V., p. 318: Outlook, 6 Oct., 1900)
     December 22, 1853, he m., at Roswell, Ga., Miss Martha Bulloch, b. July 8, 1834, at Hartford, Conn., daughter of Major James Stephens and Martha (Stewart) Bulloch of Roswell, Ga.
     Theodore Roosevelt d., greatly lamented, on the 9th of February, 1878, in New York City. Mrs. Roosevelt d. February 12, 1884, in New York.
     Their children were:
     1. Anna, b. January 7, 1855, in New York City. Residence, Washington, D. C., and Farmington, Conn. Married, November 25, 1895, in London, England, William Sheffield Cowles of Farmington, Conn., son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Sheffield) Cowles of Farmington, Conn. Graduate Annapolis Naval Academy, 1863. Served in the wars of the Rebellion and with Spain. Commander U. S. S. Topeka.
     2. Theodore, b. Oct. 27, 1858, New York; m. 1st, Alice Hathaway Lee; 2d, Edith Kermit Carow.
     3. Elliott, b. Feb. 28, 1860, New York; m. Anna Hall.
     4. Corinne, b. September 27, 1861, New York City. Residence, New York City. Married, April 29, 1882, in New York, Douglas Robinson, b. January 3, 1855, in Edinburgh, Scotland, son of Douglas and Fanny (Monroe) Robinson of New York. Real Estate Broker. Graduate of Christ Church, Oxford, Eng., 1876.


     Miss Martha Bulloch, b. July 8, 1834, in Hartford, Conn., d. February 12, 1884, in New York. Was daughter of
     James Stephens Bulloch, Major Chatham's Battalion. Married for his second wife, on the 2d of May, 1832, Miss Martha Stewart daughter of General Daniel Stewart, "who joined the Revolutionary Army when a boy, and was captured by the British, but escaped from a prison ship, and afterwards served as captain under Sumter and Marion." (Dict. Am. Biog.) And his wife Susannah Oswald.
     General Daniel Stewart was the son of John Stewart and grandson of John Stewart of Scotland.
     Major James Stephens Bulloch m., first, December 31, 1817, Hester Amarintha, daughter of Senator John Elliott and Esther, daughter of Dr. James Dunwody, descendant of John Dunwody of Londonderry, Ire. Major Bulloch was son of
     James Bulloch, b. 1765, d. February 9, 1806. Captain in the Georgia and Virginia State garrison troops, in the Revolutionary War, 1778-81; member of the Society "Cincinnati." (Am. Biog. Dict.) Clerk in the Superior Court of Georgia.
     He married, April 13, 1786, Anne Irvine, b. January 14, 1770, daughter of Dr. John Irvine, who m., September 5, 1765, at Sunbury, Liberty County, Ga., Ann Elizabeth Baillie, daughter of Colonel Kenneth Baillie. (Records following.)
     Dr. John Irvine was the son of Charles Irvine, Laird of Cults, and his wife Euphemia, daughter of John Douglass, Laird of Tilquhillie and Inchmaro, and Agnes, daughter of James Horn of West Hall, Vicar of Elgin, and his wife Isobel, daughter of Captain John Leslie of Pitcapel and Agnes Ramsay of Balmain.
     Ann Elizabeth Baillie, daughter of Colonel Kenneth Baillie, who came to Georgia with his kinsmen, the McIntoshes. At their abode in Province, we find Kenneth Baillie, ensign, Darien, Georgia, Company Rangers, 1735. He took part in the military expedition in 1740, with General Oglethorpe, against the Spaniards, was captured and sent to Spain, escaped to England, returned to Georgia, and was successively made lieutenant, captain, major and colonel of the Second Southern Colonial Regiment, and one of the trustees of Sunbury, then the rival of Savannah. He was the son of
     Kenneth Baillie, who m., in 1702, Isobel Chisholm, daughter of Chisholm of Comar (The Chisholm of Royal Blood). Kenneteh Baillie was son of
     Alexander Baillie IX. of Dunain, and Jane, the seventh daughter of Sir Kenneth McKenzie of Coul, Baronet, who descended from the McKenzie Barons of Kintail. Sir Kenneth McKenzie m. Jane Chisholm, of the Chisholm family, twice descendant from Royalty through the de la Ards from the Earls of Stratherne, and Orkney, and Kings of Norway. Alexander was son of
     William Baillie, who m. Elizabeth Forbes, daughter of Duncan Forbes, provost of Inverness, who m. Janet, daughter of James Forbes, Lord of Corsindae. William Baillie was son of
     Alexander Baillie and Catherine Munro of the old family of Milltown, Scotland. He was the son of
     Hon. William Baillie, 4th Baron of Dunain, Lord Provost of Inverness and member of the Scotch Parliament, and his wife Catherine, daughter of the ancient family of Munro of Foulis. He was the son of
     David Baillie, who m. the fourth daughter of the ancient and noble house of Rose, Barons of Kilravock. Son of
     Alexander Baillie. Son of
     Alexander Baillie, First Baron Dunain. He was rewarded by his cousin, Earl of Huntley, for his bravery in the battle of Brechin, 1452, with the Barony of Dunain and other castle lands near Inverness. He m. Catherine Grant, daughter of Sir Duncan Grant. Alexander Baillie was son of
     Sir William Bailiu of Hoprig and Lamington, and his wife Isobel Seton, daughter of Sir William Seton and Catherine Sinclair, daughter of William Sinclair, Lord of Herdmanstone. Sir William Seton was the son of Sir Alexander Seton and his wife, a daughter of Cheyne of Straloch, and Sir Alexander Seton was son of Sir Christopher Seton, who m. Christian Bruce, sister of Robert Bruce, King of Scotland, and was executed in London, 1396, along with Nigle Bruce, daughter of Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick of the Royal House of Scotland. Sir William Baillu was son of
     Sir William Bailiu of Hoprig, who was son of
     Sir William Bailiu and Marion Wallace, daughter of Sir William Wallace, Champion of Scotland, who m. Marion Braidfoot, a ward of the crown. Sir William Wallace was son of Sir Malcom Wallace of Eldersley. Sir William Bailiu was son of John de Bailol, founder of Baliol College, 1292, Grand Chamberlain of Scotland. Son of
     Alexander Baliol, son of
     Barnard de Baliol, who took part in the Battle of the Standard, 1138. Son of
     Guy de Bailiol, 1087, grant from the Crown of the Barony of Briveld, County of Northumberland. (History and Genealogy of Ballie of Dunain, J. G. Bulloch, M. D., 1898.)
     Captain James Bulloch, b. 1765, son of
     Archibald Bulloch, b. 1731, and d. February, 1777, in Savannah. The first Revolutionary Governor of Georgia. He was the President and Commander-in-Chief of Georgia from 1776 to 1778; delegate to the Continental Congress, 1775; elected to same of 1776 and signed the first Constitution of the State of Georgia as President.
     He married, on Argyle Island, Tuesday, October 9, 1764, Mary De Veaux, daughter of Hon. James Deveaux, Senior Judge of King's Court in Georgia (who was the son of Andre De Veaux, the Huguenot of Chateau De Veaux, who fled from France after the revocation of the edict of Nantes). He m. Anne Fairchild, daughter of Richard Fairchild and Anne, daughter of Edmund Bellinger of the Colonial nobility of South Carolina, one of the first land graves of Carolina. Archibald Bulloch was son of
     James Bulloch, b. 1701, in Glasgow, Scotland. Was a planter in Carolina. Justice of the Peace for Colleton County, 1735, under His Majesty's government. November 14, 1754, was a member of the South Carolina Colonial Assembly or Legislature. Justice for Christ Church Parish, Ga., October, 1767. Member of Provincial Congress, 1775. He m., in South Carolina, in 1729, Jean, daughter of the Rev. Archibald Stobo of Scotland, who came to Carolina in 1700, with the Darien Colonists. James Bulloch d. in Georgia, October 25, 1780, aged 78 years 7 months.
     (Am. Biog. Dict.: Hist. and Gene. of Families Bellinger De Veaux of Savannah, Ga., by Joseph Gaston Bulloch, M. D.)

Source: Whittelsey, C. B. (1902) The Roosevelt Genealogy, 1649-1902. Hartford: J. B. Burr & Co.

     Theodore, the fifth of the brothers, was a brilliant Unionist during the war and one of the Allotment Commissioners. Upon the restoration of peace, he took up practical philanthropy and devoted himself to the cause of the poor and ignorant. He was one of the founders of the Newsboys' Home and the other homes which grew out of the first one, the Young Men's Christian Association, the Orthopædic Hospital, and the Children's Aid Society. He married Miss Martha Bulloch of Georgia. Their son was Theodore II.

Sources: Hamm, M. A. (1901) Famous Families of New York - Historical and Biographical Sketches of Families which in Successive Generations have been Identified with the Development of the Nation, vol. 2. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons.

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