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James Alfred Roosevelt

Son of Cornelius Van Schaak Roosevelt

     James Alfred, b. June 13, 1825, in New York City. When he was 20 years old he became a member of his father's mercantile firm, and eventually succeeded him as its head. In 1878 he established the banking house of Roosevelt & Son. He was also connected with many financial institutions, being a vice-president of the Chemical National Bank, president of the Broadway Improvement Company, vice-president of the Bank of Savings, member of the board of managers of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company, director of the New York Life Insurance Trust Company, the Eagle Fire Compnay, the Greenwich Insurance Company, the Central and South American Telegraph Company, etc., etc. He was a member of the Metropolitan, Knickerbocker, Century Riding, Coaching Country, New York Yacht, Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht and Hudson River Ice Yacht Clubs; also Somerset Club, Boston and Downtown Association of the St. Nicholas Society.
     Mr. Roosevelt served as a member of the Board of Park Commissioners, president to Roosevelt Hospital, and trustee for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.
     He married, December 22, 1847, Elizabeth Norris Emlen, b. January 26, 1825, daughter of William Fishborne and Mary Parker (Norris) Emlen of Philadelphia, Penn.
     Mr. James Alfred Roosevelt d. July 15, 1898.
     Their children were:
     1. Mary Emlen, b. Sept. 27, 1848, in New York City; d. unmarried, Dec. 19, 1885.
     2. Leila, b. Feb. 5, 1850, in New York City (changed her name from Cornelia), m. 1st, Feb. 21, 1870, Montgomery Roosevelt Schuyler (No. 692); b. Feb. 18, 1845; m. 2d, April 26, 1890, Edward Reeve Merritt; no children.
     3. Alfred, b. April 2, 1856, in N. Y. City; m. Katharine Lowell.
     4. William Emlen, b. April 30, 1857, in N. Y. City; m. Christine G. Kean.


     Elizabeth Norris Emlen, b. January 26, 1825, daughter of
     William Fishbourne Emlen, b. 1787, d. 1866; m., in 1812, Mary Parker Norris*. Son of
     George Emlen, b. February 25, 1742; m. Sarah Fishburn.**
     George Emlen, b. June 21, 1718; m. 1740, Anna Reckless.
     George Emlen, b. May 7, 1695; m., 1716, Mary Heath, b. April 1, 1692, d. June 1, 1777, daughter of Robert and Susanna Heath.
     George Emlen came to America with William Penn in 1682, m. Hannah Garrett.

     * Mary Parker Norris, b. June, 179, daughter of
     Joseph Parker Norris, b. May 5, 1763, d. June 22, 1841, m. May 20, 1790, Elizabeth Fox, b. October 14, 1771, d. January 23, 1861, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Mickle) Fox. He was Speaker of Colonial Assembly.
     Charles Norris, b. May 9, 1712, d. January 1, 1766, m. June 21, 1759, Mary Parker, b. May 30, 1731, d. December 4, 1799, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Ladd) Parker.
     Isaac Norris, b. July 26, 1671, d. June 4, 1735, m. March 7, 1694, Mary Lloyd.***
     Thomas Norris emigrated from London to Jamaica, 1678. Killed in earthquake at Port Royal, June 7, 1602; m. Mary Moore, d. 1685.

     ** Sarah Fishbourne was daughter of
     William Fishbourne, mayor of Philadelphia, 1719-22, m. January 8, 1702, Hannah Carpenter, daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Hardman) Carpenter.
     Ralph Fishbourne m. 1673, Sarah Lewis.

     ***Mary Lloyd was daughter of
     Thomas Lloyd, First Deputy Governor and President of Provinicial Council at Philadelphia, by his first wife. Son of
     Charles Lloyd of Dolobran (of royal descent), XXII. Son of
     John Lloyd, who m. Katharine Lloyd of Dolobran, daughter of
     Humphrey Lloyd of Dyffryn. Son of
     John Lloyd of Dyffryn, and Magaret Kynastron, daughter of
     Humphrey Kynaston. Son of
     Sir Roger Kynaston Knt, and Lady Elizabeth Gray, daughter of
     Sir Henry de Gray, Second Earl of Tankerville. Son of
     Sir John de Gray, K. G., First Earl of Tankerville, who married Lady Cherleton (also of Royal descent, XXII). Son of
     Sir Thomas de Gray of Berwyke, Northumberland, m. Lady Jane Mowbray, daughter of
     John, Third Baron Mowbray of Axholme, m. Lady Joan Plantagenet, daughter of
     Henry Plantagenet, Earl of Leicester, Lancaster and Chester, Lord High Steward, and his second wife Blanche, Queen Dowager of Navarre. Son of
     Henry III., King of England, and Lady Eleanor, daughter of Raymond de Berenger, Count of Provence (XC., Am. of Royal Descent).

Source: Whittelsey, C. B. (1902) The Roosevelt Genealogy, 1649-1902. Hartford: J. B. Burr & Co.

     James Alfred, the banker, had a natural genius for finance. He was admitted to his father's firm when only twenty years of age, and while still in the prime of life had become an officer or director in a score of great financial institutions. He was Park Commissioner during the administration of Mayor Strong.

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