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Isaac Roosevelt

Son of James Roosevelt

     Isaac, b. April 21, bap. May 16, 1790, in New York City. Resided at Hyde Park, Dutchess County, N. Y. Married, on the 26th of April, 1827, Mary Rebecca Aspinwall, b. December 20, 1809, in New York City, daughter of John Aspinwall, b. 1779, d. 6th October, 1847, m. 27th November, 1803, Susan Howland, b. 20th May, 1779, d. 23d December, 1852, daughter of Joseph Howland, b. 30th October, 1749, m. 26th May, 1772, Lydia Bill, b. 7th July, 1753, d. 1st March, 1838, daughter of Ephraim Bill of Norwich, Conn.
     Son of Captain John Aspinwall, sea captain. He commanded vessels out of the port of New York long before the Revolutionary War. member of the Society, April 13, 1772. Vestryman of Trinity Church, 1756 to 1762. He d. about 1779.
     Son of Joseph Aspinwall, b. Muddy River, Mass., 9th October, 1673. Went to sea before he was of age. He had a vessel of his own. He was lieutenant of "The Queen of Spain" in the West Indies. He married a niece of Lord Bellamont. She died. He returned to Massachusetts and married, second, the widow of Samuel Smith. On the 13th July, 1700, he was granted a New York license to marry Hannah Dean.
     Son of Peter Aspinwall, came from Toxteth Park, now a part of Liverpool, Eng., to New England, about 1630. Lived in Dorchester, Mass., in 1645, and married Alice Sharp. The following is copy of an entry in the Parish Register of the First Church of Boston: "Also or sister Alice Sharp no ye wife of Peter Aspinwall of Dorchester had tres of recomend granted unto her to ye church of Dorchester 8d 4th moenth 1645. He married, second, 12th February, 1661, by John Endicott, Governor, Miss Remember Palfrey of Redding, daughter of peter and Edith Palfrey of Salem. She was bap. 16th September, 1638. His will was dated 29th November, 1687. His estate inventoried, 9th December, 1687. (Aspinwall Family of Woodstock, Conn., N. E. G. & Hist. Rec., Vol. XLVII., p. 342-6.)
     Isaac Roosevelt d. October 23, 1863, at Hyde Park, N. Y. Mrs. Roosevelt d. February 24, 1886, in New York City.
     Their children were:
     James, b. July 16, 1828, at Hyde Park, N. Y.; m. Rebecca B. Howland.
     John Aspinwall, b. July 27, 1840, at Hyde Park, N. Y.; m. Ellen M. Crosby.

Source: Whittelsey, C. B. (1902) The Roosevelt Genealogy, 1649-1902. Hartford: J. B. Burr & Co.

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