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Cornelius Van Schaak Roosevelt

Son of Jacobus Roosevelt

     Cornelius Van Schaack, b. January 30, 1794, in New York City, bap. April 1, 1794; merchant, New York City. He inherited a large fortune from his father. He studied at Columbia College, New York, but did not graduate, and, engaging in business, was a successful merchant for forty-seven years. During the latter portion of his life he devoted a portion of his large income to charity. He was one of the founders and a director of the Chemical National Bank of New York, whose single principle is honesty, and that institution has never failed to pay its obligations in gold, and during the Civil War redeemed its notes at one time at 280 in greenbacks.
     He m. Margaret Barhill, b. December 13, 1799, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (Potts) Barnhill of Philadelphia.
     Mr. Roosevelt d. July 17, 1871, at Oyster Bay, L. I. Mrs. Roosevelt died January 23, 1861. (Appleton's Cyclopedia Am. Biog., V., 318: Nat. Cyclop. Am. Biog.)
     Their children were:
     1. Silas Wier, b. Oct. 18, 1823, New York; m. Mary West.
     2. James Alfred, b. June 13, 1825, New York; m. Elizabeth N. Einlen.
     3. Cornelius van Schaack, b. July 23, 1827, New York; m. Laura H. Porter; he d. 1887, Maplewood, So. Orange, N. J. She died March 20, 1900; he left a large fortune.
     4. Robert Barnwell, b. Aug. 7, 1829, New York; m. 1st Elizabeth Ellis; 2d, Marion T. Fortescue.
     5. Theodore, b. Sept. 22, 1831, New York; m. Martha Bulloch.
     6. William Wallace, b. Sept. 20, 1834, New York; d. Dec. 18, 1835.


     Margaret Barnhill, b. December 13, 1799, d. January 23, 1861.
     Robert Barnhill, b. January 31, 1754, m. September 22, 1778, d. August 12, 1814; m.
     Elizabeth Potts, b. January 27, 1750, d. August 20, 1807, daughter of
     Thomas Potts, Elizabeth Lukens. He was son of
     John Potts, b. August 8, 1696, m. 1726, d. 1766, Elizabeth McVaugh. He was son of
     David Potts, b. 1670, Montgomeryshire, Wales; farmer, Bristol Township, Philadelphia County, m. January 22, 1694, at Middletown meeting (Middletown monthly meeting of Friends, N. J.), d. November 16, 1730, Monday. Will registered Phila. Will. bk. E., p. 142. Member Provincial Assembly, Philadelphia County, 1728-29-30, m. Alice Croasdale, b. August 3, 1673, daughter of Thomas and Agnes (Hawthornwaite) Croasdale. (Our Family Ancestors, T. M. Potts, 1895.)
     John Barnhill, who d. February 27, 1797, m. Sarah Craig, a descendant of Col. John Barnwell of South Carolina, who fought and captured the Tuscorora Indians, November 16, 1711. He was a descendant of Nicholas de Barnwall, who settled in Ireland temp. Henry II. and Wolfram de Branwall, Lord of Dromnaugh County, Dublin, 14th, Edward I.

Source: Whittelsey, C. B. (1902) The Roosevelt Genealogy, 1649-1902. Hartford: J. B. Burr & Co.

     Jacobus or James I. married Mary van Schaick. Among their children, two were highly distinguished in the beginning of the nineteenth century, Cornelius Van Schaick and James II. The former, who married Margaret Barnhill of Pennsylvania, was a merchant, banker, and capitalist. He was one of the five richest men in New York, and took a deep interest in the wellfare of the city. He founded the famous Chemical Bank, the only bank in the country which has always paid its obligations in gold. He had five sons, all of whom were important figures in the middle part of the last century. There were Silas W., lawyer, wit, and School Commissioner; James Alfred, banker and capitalist; Cornelius Van Schaick II., merchant; Robert B., lawyer, author, editor, Commissioner of the first Brooklyn Bridge, Congressman, and Unites States Minister; and Theodore, merchant, War Commissioner, and philanthropist. The history of these five sons covers the most important years from 1850 to the present time. Each contrinbuted in his own way to the metropolis, and stamped his name upon its history. [Sons:]
     Silas W.
     James Alfred.
     Robert B.
     Theodore I.

Sources: Hamm, M. A. (1901) Famous Families of New York - Historical and Biographical Sketches of Families which in Successive Generations have been Identified with the Development of the Nation, vol. 2. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons.

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