A1. Sir Robert Roos, Lord of Igmanthorpe and Seeton, Co. York.
  • B1. Robert Roos, of Seeton, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Middleton, of Middleton Hall.
    • C1. John Roos, of Laxton, m. a daughter of Sir Myles Etton, of Gilling, Knight.
      • D1. William Roos, of Laxton, m. Ellinor, daughter of Christopher Wandisford, of Kirklington.
        • E1. Humphrey Roos, of Laxton, Co. Nottingham.
        • E2. Richard Roos of Torkesey, Co. Lincoln.
          • F1. William Roos, of East Barre, Laxton, Co. Nottingham, m. N. N. Darwen.
            • G1. Thomas Roos, d. without issue.
            • G2. Richard Roos, of Snenton, Co. Nottingham, m. N. N. Warren of Snenton.
              • H1. Henry Roos, of Snenton.
                • I1. Henry Roos, of Snenton, 1618.
              • H2. George Roos, d. without issue.
            • G3. Edward Roos, of Laxton, m. Agnes, daughter of Anthony Colly, of Glaston, Co. Rutland.
              • H1. Edward Roos, of Ashwell, Co. Rutland, kn. 1618, m. Mary, daughter and heiress of John Castlin of Ashwell, Co. Rutland.
                • I1. Francis Roos, aged 25 in 1618.
                • I2. Edward Roos, under-sheriff of Rutland, kn. 1618.
                • I3. Theodoria Roos, m. Leonard Cole, of Stamford, Co. Lincoln.
                • I4. Ellen Roos, m. Anthony Harston, of Peterburgh.
                • I5. Allice Roos, m. John Herd, of Ashwell.
                • I6. Mary Roos.
              • H2. Joane Roos, m. Thomas Gurney, of Marnham, Co. Nottingham.
            • G4. Roger Roos of Egmanthorpe, Co. Nottingham, m. Catherine Lenesby, of Laxton.
            • G5. Anthony Roos of Laxton, m. Elizabeth Blague.
            • G6. Catherine Roos, m. John Lucas, of London.
  • B2. William Roos, of Igmanthorpe.

Source: Armytage, G. J. (1870) The Visitation of the County of Rutland in the Year 1618-19, Taken by William Camden, Clarenceux King of Arms. London: Harleian Society.