A1. John Richmond, of Highhead Castle, parish of Dalston, co. Cumberland, m. Margaret Lowther, daughter of Hugh Lowther, Esq. of Lowther, co. Westmoreland and his wife Dorothy, daughter of Henry, Lord Clifford.

  • B1. John Richomnd, Esq. of Highhead Castle, m. 1stly a daughter of N. N. Dacre, younger brother of Lord Dacre of the North; m. 2ndly Margaret Dalston, daughter of Thomas Dalstone, of Uvedale, co. Cumberland.
    • C1. *by 2* Francis Richmond, of Highhead Castle, m. Jane (in her 1st marriage, m. 2ndly Thomas Patrickson, of Caswell How), daughter of Lancelot Fletcher, of Tallantire, co. Cumberland. Died without issue.
    • C2. *by 2* John Richmond, d. young.
    • C3. *by 2* Christopher Richmond, Esq. of Highhead Castle, d. 1642, m. 1stly Anne Maplate, daughter of Thomas Maplate; m. 2ndly Elizabeth Chaytor, daughter of Anthony Chaytor, Esq. of Croft Hall, co. York; m. 3rdly Eleanor Beauley, daughter of Richard Beauley, of Hesketh Hall, co. Cumberland.
      • D1. *by 1* John Richmond, d. unmarried.
      • D2. *by 2* Francis Richmond, d. young
      • D3. *by 2* Christopher Richmond, Esq. of Highhead Castle, b. abt. 1623, d. aft. 1678, m. 1stly Mabell Vaux, daughter of John Vaux, Esq. of Catterlen, parish of Newton, co. Cumberland; m. 2ndly Magdalen Huddleston, daughter of Andrew Huddleston, Esq. of Hutton-John, Cumberland.
        • E1. *by 1* Christopher Richmond, Esq. of Highhead Castle and Catterlen, m. 1stly Mary Lawson, daughter of Sir Wilfred Lawson, Baronet of Isell, Cumberland; m. 2ndly 1678 to Isabell Reynolds (d. 1739, in her 1st marriage, m. 2ndly bef. 1702 to Matthias Miller), daughter of Thomas Reynolds, of London.
          • F1. *by 1* Christopher Richmond, of Highhead Castle, Catterlen, and Hindley Wrea, b. abt. 1676, bur. 26 May 1702 at Allendale Church, m. 9 Jun 1696 to Elizabeth Watson (d. 27 Jul 1740, bur. St. Margaret's Chapel, St. Oswald's, Durham), daughter of Hugh Watson of Holmes.
            • G1. Elizabeth Richmond, d. 18 Feb 1768, unmarried.
            • G2. Isabella Richmond, bap. 8 Jun 1701 at Allendale, d. Nov 1746, m. 1732 to John Hutchinson, Esq. of Framwell Gate (d. 1749).
          • F2. *by 1* Jane Richmond, m. aft. 1693 to William Stevenson, Esq. of Plumpton.
          • F3. *by 1* Mary Richmond, d. unmarried in his father's lifetime.
          • F4. *by 2* Erasmus Richmond, d. young.
          • F5. *by 2* William Richmond, b. 7 Jan 1684, d. young.
          • F6. *by 2* Henry Richmond, of Highhead Castle and Catterlen, d. 1716, unmarried.
          • F7. *by 2* Isabell Richmond, m. Samuel Gledhill, Esq., Governor of Plascentia.
          • F8. *by 2* Elizabeth Richmond, m. Peter Brougham of Skelton, co. Cumberland (d. 1732).
            • G1. Henry-Richmond Brougham, of Scales, co. Cumberland, and Highhead, d. unmarried 1749.
            • G2. John Brougham, d. unmarried before his father.
          • F9. *by 2* Sarah Richmond, d. aft. 1736, m. 1stly George Simpson, of Thackwood-Nook, Cumberland; m. 2ndly John Barker, of Thethwaite, co. Cumberland.
          • F10. *by 2* Mabell Richmond, m. Henry Brisco, captain of dragoons, son of John Brisco, of Crofton.
          • F11. *by 2* Susannah Richmond, d. unmarried 1775.
          • F12. *by 2* Margaret Richmond, d. 25 Sep 1759, bur. Whitehaven, m. William Gale, of Whitehaven (d. 9 May 1773, bur. Whitehaven).
          • F13. *by 2* Anne Richmond, b. 6 Mar 1682, d. young.
          • F14. *by 2* Martha Richmond.
        • E2. *by 1* John Richmond, b. abt. 1649.
        • E3. *by 1* Magdalen Richmond, b. abt. 1653, m. John Fenton, Esq. of Plumpton Head, co. Cumberland.
        • E4. *by 2* Andrew Richmond, m. at London to Sarah Wiseman.
        • E5. *by 2* Dorothy Richmond, b. abt. 1664, d. unmarried.
        • E6. *by 2* Margery Richmond, b. abt. 1665, d. unmarried.
      • D4. *by 2* Margery Richmond, m. John Aglionby, Esq. of Carlisle.
      • D5. *by 2* Elizabeth Richmond, m. Richard Baxter of Seburgham, co. Cumberland.
      • D6. *by 2* Mary Richmond, m. John Vaux, gent. of Little Musgrave, co. Westmoreland.
      • D7. *by 3* William Richmond, of Penrith, Cumberland.
      • D8. *by 3* Jane Richmond, m. Solomon Turner, of London.
      • D9. *by 3* Mabell Richmond.
    • C4. Margaret Richmond, wife of Sir Richard Fletcher, of Hutton, in co. Cumbria, Knight.
    • C5. Mabell Richmond, wife of John Simpson of Sowreby, co. Cumberland.
  • B2. Christopher Richmond, of Fettonwell, co. Cumberland, died without issue.
  • B3. Margaret Richmond, m. Richard Garth, of Great Salkeld, co. Cumberland.
  • B4. Ada Richmond, m. Hugh Machell, of Crakenthorpe, co. Westmoreland.

Arms: Gules, four barrulets or, a chief of the last, on an escucheon gules, a fess chequy or and of the first, between three garbs of the second.

Sources: Burke, J. (1838) A genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great Britain and Ireland. Vol. 4 // Foster, J. (ed) Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, of 1615 and 1666. London: The Harleian Society.